21 hours of ACCA verifiable CPD

ACCA CPD online for 2024

• Are you looking to fulfil your ACCA CPD requirements?
• If so you’re in the right place as we can help you.
• We offer a 21 hour verifiable CPD bundle.
• We can help with our popular online CPD courses.

As you’re aware ACCA members need to complete 40 hours of CPD
(continuing professional development) in the 2024 calendar year.

21 hours (or units) out of the total of 40 CPD hours,
need to be verifiable CPD.

ACCA CPD requires 21 verifiable hoursFinancial Fluency’s online courses are fully verifiable for CPD purposes. At the end of each course you can print a verifiable CPD certificate for ACCA.

We offer a range of over 150 online CPD courses which are relevant to a variety of finance roles and careers, whether you’re an accountant in practice, an in-house accountant or a finance professional working in any other business role.

The 2024 CPD year end is in

Complete your full 21 hours of verifiable ACCA CPD here

Our 21 hour deal includes 7 free hours of CPD

21 hours of online CPD for 120 days £275 with £100 discount
Save £100! on the list price with our volume deal.
• Our 21 hour package includes a £100 volume discount
• Full price = £75.00 x 5 = £375.00 (excl. VAT*)
• Discounted price = £275.00 (excl. VAT*)
• Use the offer code FF20 at checkout to receive the discount.

Choose 5 courses from our selection of over 150 courses
• Use the page menus to browse our range of courses or view our full list.
• The vast majority of courses (see exclusions below) give 4 hours of verifiable CPD.
Therefore, 5 courses will give you 20 hours of CPD.
• We offer a bonus one hour of free CPD worth £25 (ex VAT*) to make up the full 21 hours. You have four courses to choose from for your bonus hour.

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You can access each course as many times as needed for 120 days from the date of purchase.

Length of courses

Each course takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

CPD points

Once you’ve completed the course you will be able to claim 4 verifiable CPD hours for each course. As this offer is for 5 courses this will provide 20 hours of CPD. We also offer a free bonus hour which will make up the 21 hours. CPD points are claimed by the registered user, who can be someone different to the person who pays if required.


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