Ethical Compliance for Accountants

Ethical Compliance for Accountants Online CPD Training CourseOnline Course on Ethical Compliance

Ethical compliance is not a process that can be imposed on an organisation, nor should overt compliance be used as a fig leaf to cover dysfunctional acts.
Instead, ethical compliance should be incorporated into the culture of an organisation.

Senior management must set the tone and lead by example. What is expected of employees must be clearly expressed and the messages reinforced. Employees must be allowed to contribute to the development and monitoring of ethical compliance and managers must institute mechanisms to enable them to do so.

This course allows learners to work through activities, share their learning with peers, and gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to incorporate ethical compliance in their working lives.

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Ethical Compliance enables the learner to:

• Understand their organisational climate
• Gain an understanding of how ethical behaviour affects business objectives
• Identify the indicators of unethical behaviour
• Understand how to report on ethical compliance
• Know how to deal with whistleblowers
• Understand the role of internal audits and management reviews


Rating: 5 Stars for online course 100% would recommend this course to colleagues

“Really helped me to focus my mind on ethical scenarios and allowed me to draw on past experiences of my own.”

“Gave me food for thought on how to deal with situations that arise.”

“The useful and relevant examples and tasks that were included, it allowed you to think about your career.”

“The course has widen my knowledge and given me new thoughts in practice in this business world.”

“The large amount of industry experts advice – they have been there and know what it feels like – very inspirational.”

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Learning outcomes of Ethical Compliance

Corporate culture
• What is dysfunctional behaviour?
• What is corporate culture?
• How can we analyse corporate culture?
• What are subcultures?
• What are countercultures?
• What is organisational climate?
• How is internal behaviour affected by external factors?
Ethical compliance - culture

Ethical behaviour
• How does ethical behaviour affect business objectives?
• What is a corporate citizen?
• What is tone at the top?
• What makes good people go bad?
• Are there indicators of unethical behaviour?
Ethical compliance - behaviour

Managing ethical compliance
• What is management’s role in preventing unethical behaviour?
• What is the role of HR?
• What should our company policies cover?
• How do we know what’s really going on?
• Can a boss get to know their people?
• How should reporting take place?
• What is “back to basics”?
• How should we deal with whistleblowers?
• How can we deal with subcultures in remote locations?
Ethical compliance - managing

Auditing ethical compliance
• How can we audit ethical compliance?
• How can we gather evidence?
• What is the role of internal audit and management review?
• What are the external perceptions of the organisation?
Ethical compliance - auditing

Target audience for Ethical Compliance

This course is designed to appeal to people working in the accounting and finance industry at all levels.

About the author of Ethical Compliance

John Taylor
John Taylor is a Chartered Accountant who spent many years advising small and medium sized businesses across the North of England.

He specialised in dealing with the particular problems faced by large family owned companies. John joined Bradford College where he taught a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of ability.

John later joined Leeds Met University where he specialised in teaching auditing on ACCA professional courses and Forensic Accounting at Masters level. He is now a freelance author and lecturer.

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

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