Business Valuation Multiples

Online Course on Business Valuation Multiples

This is a one hour online training course which looks specifically at how to use multiples to help value a business.

The value of a company is in the eye of the beholder and that beholder’s view on value will differ depending on their circumstances. How can this be? Surely company value is the product of sophisticated financial formulae that have been tried, tested and blessed by generations of accountants and bankers? The formulae have but that doesn’t make them “right” or right for all occasions or circumstances.

• What is a valuation multiple?
• How do you calculate a multiple?
• What periods are used to calculate multiples?
• How should you choose comparable companies?
• How should comparable transactions be used?
• What are the enterprise value multiples?
• What are the equity value multiples?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple-based valuation?

Business Valuation Techniques

This course is an one hour extract from our four hour course on Business Valuation Techniques

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