Spreadsheet (Excel) Skills for Finance Professionals

Spreadsheet (Excel) Skills for Finance Professionals

Online Course on
Spreadsheet (Excel) Skills
targeted to Finance Professionals

Is this excel course right for you?
A great opportunity to boost your excel skill set, impress your manager and colleagues, gain that promotion, secure that new job and save lots of time.
Online course on Excel Spreadsheet Skills for Finance Professionals

• Are you a finance professional?
• Do you require excel skills for your job?
• Want to improve your excel efficiency?
• Need to enhance your spreadsheet skills?
• Picked up excel in passing without training?

Typical delegates on our excel courses
Our typical delegates are professionals working in finance who use excel on a daily basis. Most people pick up excel in passing, have ‘learnt on the on the job’ & now require training.

Many have picked up poor habits because they have never been taught how to use excel efficiently and maximise its potential.

Unleash the power of spreadsheets
Spreadsheets are fantastic business tools and we hardly utilise their potential. This course aims to ‘get you up to speed’ and give you an insight into excel’s true potential.

Our course demonstrates best practice spreadsheet techniques, to avoid the expensive mistakes which are made by many organisations.

We focus specifically on the tools required by finance professionals, in particular accountants.
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Spreadsheet skills course details

Excel course contents for finance professionals
• How to speed up your use of excel
• Useful excel shortcuts
• Essential navigation skills
• Essential formatting skills
• Paste special’s hidden features
• Labelling and naming ranges
• Introduction to pivot tables
• Introduction to macros
• Key conditional and logical functions
• Nested functions (when to use & not to use)
• Lookup functions (including VLookup, Hlookup, Index & Match)
• Importing and managing data, including using data filters
• Best practice techniques

Requirements for spreadsheet skills course

• A basic level of excel and IT literacy is assumed.
• You will need to access a version of Excel on a Windows laptop or PC.

Example of previous delegate’s feedback on spreadsheet courses

Worthwhile investment in excel training. Good progression from basic spreadsheet knowlesge. Time saving. Relate to work based application.
very good spreadsheet course. Well delivered. Appropriate for real use of excel
Good scope for one day course in excel, useful, informative, well presented, broad range of themes, detailed, consistent
enjoyed learning excel shortcuts and how spreadsheets can be simplified. Recommend
excel course content good delivery well executed. Great beginners intermdiates excel quicker easier in workplace

instruction notes slides good, benefical excel course, well presented and run, valuable
Excellent excel course. Simple examples on spreadsheet and explanation. Awesome.
Enjoyed the layout of the course
Great all round
Best course for ages
Good sense of humour and knowledge of excel
good course very helpful

useful day enjoyed
time saving tips and vlookup explanation
lively class the practical part
well structured and presented
all the knowledge I was looking for

key features required for a job of an accountant were covered in detail
the course was excellent and provided me with the insight I needed
excel training course balanced time with individual needs
day course is good and enough for the day
covered all areas I needed at a pace that was appropriate

I learnt about v-lookups nesting and pivot tables which will be integral in my future
good overview of everything and the extensive features of excel
good hands on coverage of excel topic areas supporting excel material was good

excel spreadsheet training course focused on the essential functioms
good flow layout to the day building on known excel knowledge before progressing onto new
clear explanations interactive excel course which worked to the level of the group
explaining new fuctionality in excel 2007 and shortcuts
well presented well prepared professional spreadsheet course knowledgable good at imparting knowledge


“Thanks for the course, I thought it was one of the best, and most useful that I’ve been on.”
Matthew Brown, Audit Senior, Shipleys LLP

Spreadsheet skills course delivery

We always use lots of exercises and real life examples in our training as we believe this really helps our clients to understand concepts. We find that people only really learn when they test their understanding through practice.

The format for most skills is that the presenter will demonstrate a worked example for you to follow and perform in real time alongside the presenter. You will them be offered a worked example to work through in your leisure and repeat as needed.

The course is delivered remotely online and available through our portal 24/7. Each licence comes with 3 months of free access, following purchase, so you can replay and repeat as many times as required.

Please find some examples below:


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