Deriving value from Big Data

Deriving value from Big Data

Online Course on Big Data

‘Big Data’ is a hot topic but what does it actually mean?

If harnessed correctly, ‘big data’ represents an opportunity to grow or improve business operations.

As a finance professional, you need to understand the basics of the term both from a technical and business perspective, and understand the opportunities it presents for your organisation.

This course will introduce you to the main concepts behind the phrase ‘big data’, so you can understand how to use data more effectively across your business. The course will also demystify some of the terms that are used, helping you cut through the hype and understand how it can deliver value for your organisation.


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Our Big Data Online Course will enable the learner to:

• Understand the basic ideas behind big data, its key characteristics and the business opportunities it offers
• Identify the three categories big data falls into; structured, unstructured and semi-structured
• Build and maintain a big data system using a number of different technology components
• Understand how value can be derived from big data

Learning outcomes of Deriving Value from Big Data

Big data fundamentals
• What does the term ‘big data’ mean?
• How are companies using big data?
• How has big data evolved?
• What are the key characteristics of big data?
• How do you get started with big data?
• What are the advantages of using big data?

Types of big data
• What is structured data?
• What is unstructured data?
• What is semi-structured data?

Technology components
• What are the technology components?
• What infrastructure do you need?
• What should you think about with databases?How do you approach analytics and reporting?
• Should you consider using applications?

Where does the value come from?
• What are the common difficulties with big data?
• What has actually changed?
• How do you get value from big data analysis?
• How do you implement big data from scratch?

Target audience for our Big Data Online Course

This course is designed to appeal to accounting and finance professionals working at all levels.

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About the Author of our Big Data course

David Ellis Big Data Course

David is the Founder and Managing Director of Station10, the leading insight consultancy and big data specialists. He has 20 years’ experience in analysing and delivering customer insight for organisations and helping them make more of their data.

His work has led to two New Media Age Effectiveness awards and an Excellence Award by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He regards insights like Bill Tutte regarded the first Lorenz machine at Bletchley Park, or like a pig regards truffles.

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

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