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Getting to Grips with FRS 102

As you prepare to report under the UK and Republic of Ireland Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP), understanding FRS 102 and its implications will be key to successful implementation of the new practices.

This course looks in detail at FRS 102, its concepts and principles, key definitions and how the terminology is changing. In particular, the course looks at the recognition and measurement of assets and liabilities, how to account for employee benefits as well as exploring the main differences between previous GAAP and the requirements of FRS 102.

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Getting to Grips with FRS 102 enables the learner to:

• Understand what FRS 102 its concepts and principles
• Find out about the differences from previous GAAP
• Understand the key issues when accounting for assets
• Find out how FRS 102 affects employee benefits and deferred tax
• Understand how the transition to FRS 102 will affect accounting for financial instruments


Rating: 5 Stars for online course 95% would recommend this course

“I knew nothing about the new FRS102 and now have an understanding of the main differences to current GAAP.”

“Increased my confidence to implement FRS102.”

“The explanations were very clear and concise. I could go through the materials at my own pace and the progress report shows my progress.”

“Provided me with a good awareness of the changes to allow me to lead in looking at impacts affecting my remit.”

“The course was well written and presented. I liked the inter-active nature of the various sections.”

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Learning outcomes of Getting to Grips with FRS 102

Concepts, principles and presentation
• What is the scope of FRS 102 and what are its concepts and principles?
• What are the contents of a complete set of financial statements, and what are the significant differences from previous GAAP?
• What is the FRS 102 reduced disclosure framework?
FRS 102 concepts, principles & presentation

Accounting for assets
• What are the main matters to be considered in relation to property, plant and equipment?
• How is investment property accounted for under FRS 102?
• What are the transition issues in relation to intangible assets?
• Are leases accounted for differently under FRS 102?
• What are the main principles of FRS 102?
FRS 102 accounting for assets

Employee business benefits combinations and deferred tax
• How will employee benefits be accounted for under FRS 102?
• What are the changes in relation to business combinations and goodwill?
• What are the requirements for accounting for deferred tax under FRS 102
FRS 102 employee benefits

Accounting for financial instruments
• Why is accounting for financial instruments likely to represent a
significant issue on transition to FRS 102?
• How are financial instruments classified?
• How are basic financial instruments measured?
• What are the requirements in relation to non-basic financial instruments?
FRS 102 acc for financial instruments

Target audience for Getting to Grips with FRS 102

This course is designed to appeal to people working in the accounting and finance industry at all levels.

About the author of Getting to Grips with FRS 102

Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver is a professionally qualified lecturer with 15 years experience of exam-based, and CPD lecturing for accounting and finance professionals.

Lisa qualified ACA with Deloitte, and spent 4 years in audit practice, with clients ranging from major charities, multi-national organisations and listed companies to football clubs.
Since leaving audit practice, Lisa has lectured financial reporting, audit and governance subjects, developing and delivering CPD courses for qualified accountants working in industry and in practice.

Her clients have included KPMG, PWC, National Grid, British Energy, Orange, ACCA, AAT, ICAEW and CIMA. Lisa has delivered courses across Europe, the Caribbean, China and South East Asia and is regularly published in ACCA’s Accounting and Business journal.

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

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