Presentation Skills for Finance Professionals

Presentation Skills for Finance Professionals

Online Course on Presentation Skills

Whatever your role, or the organisation you work in, effective presentation skills are an important part of your professional portfolio and will help to boost your career.

For many people, the idea of delivering a presentation to colleagues brings up images of standing in front of an audience and summoning up enough courage to speak. Being able to project an air of confidence and hold the room are, of course, key skills for presenters but there’s something equally important that needs to take place behind the scenes.

During this course you will explore how verbal, visual and non-verbal communication skills contribute to effective presentations while considering your audience, goals and the wider context. You’ll also discover how to manage nerves and stay on message in some of the most challenging business situations.


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Our High Presentation Skills Online Course will enable the learner to:

• Design and deliver confident and persuasive presentations
• Enhance your verbal, visual and non-verbal communication skills
• Select and use appropriate technology
• Manage nerves and reduce public speaking anxiety
• Encourage audience participation, in person and online
• Tackle questions, interruptions and technical fails
• Evaluate and improve your performance

Learning outcomes of Presentation Skills for Finance Professionals

Communicating with presentations
• Why do presentations matter?
• How is presenting different from other forms of communication?
• What are the barriers to delivering effective presentations?
• What skills do you need to be an effective presenter?
• What presentation style should you us?

Structuring and planning your presentation
• What steps should you take to develop a presentation?
• What sort of presentation should you deliver?
• How should you structure information
• How should you choose visual aids?
• How should you prepare for a presentation?
• What is the best way to use notes?

Delivering impactful presentations
• What can you do to reduce your nerves?
• How can you build a rapport with your audience?
• What is the most effective way to speak?
• What is the most effective way to stand?
• How should you handle questions?
• What is the best way to manage hecklers?

Using multimedia tools and technology
• How can you choose the most effective presentation tool to use?
• How should you design your slides?
• What do you need to know about incorporating images?
• How can you clearly communicate numerical data?
• What do you need to know about audio and video?
• What are the legal issues you should be aware of?

Presenting in challenging circumstances
• How do you create compelling stories?
• How can you persuade an audience to support your idea?
• How should you encourage participation?
• How can you effectively communicate in virtual presentations?
• How should you collaborate in group presentations?
• What should you do when things go wrong?
• How can you evaluate your performance?

Target audience for our Presentation Skills Course

This course is designed to appeal to accounting and finance professionals working at all levels.

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About the Author of Presentation Skills

Anna Faherty
Anna Faherty is a writer, lecturer and consultant working across the publishing, museum and charity sectors.

She has hands-on management experience as a director of a multi-million pound publishing division and a trustee of a small independent museum.

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

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