Coaching Skills for Finance Professionals

Online Course on Coaching Skills for AccountantsCoaching Skills for Finance Professionals Online CPD Training Course

Coaching plays a central role in the development of a successful working relationship between a manager and their team. As such, it is a fundamental part of any manager’s skill set.

This course has now been updated to include dealing with the root cause of problems, the latest theories on motivational techniques and how to give effective feedback, this course uses examples specific to the accounting and finance industry to help the learner understand what motivates their team members and looks at how the way in which they give feedback can affect motivation and performance.

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100% of learners thought this course met their cpd needs
“The course was very clear and easy to understand, very informative and useful.”

It made a lot of sense, was easy to follow and gave relevant examples.”

“The ease of doing it at home is great.”

“Ease of access and flexibility of undertaking of a course which suits my busy life was fantastic.”

“I loved it all!”

“Made me realise that there are certain ways of dealing with people in a positive way rather than criticising them.”

“The course laid out fundamental areas for coaching, offering some good tips and areas of running meetings, providing feedback etc. There was also good background reading.”

“It covered not only giving feedback and advice but also how to react when you receive it.”

“It definitely helped me with my assistant and how to coach her properly.”

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Coaching Skills for Accountants enables the learner to

• Understand the importance of coaching in the context of your role as manager
• Apply effective coaching methods that will benefit both you and your team
• Understand what motivates you and those around you
• Choose the right motivational technique for different individuals and situations
• Use feedback effectively to help individuals realise their potential
• Get positive results from both motivational and corrective feedback
• Plan and run successful group feedback sessions

Learning outcomes of Coaching Skills for Accountants

Coaching in context
• What is coaching?
• Why is coaching important?
• What makes a good coach?
• Should I adapt my coaching style for each person?
CS context

• What is motivation?
• What are the main theories of motivation?
• What motivates people?
• How can being an effective motivator help me?
CS motivation

Individual feedback
• What is the purpose of individual feedback?
• What basic rules should I follow?
• How do I ensure my feedback is effective?
• How often should I give feedback?
• How should I structure a formal feedback session?
• What are the root causes of performance problems?
CS feedback

Group feedback
• What basic rules are there for group sessions?
• How do I ensure the key messages are communicated?
• How should I structure group sessions?
• How do I get feedback from my team?
CS group

Target audience for Coaching Skills for Accountants

Those who are new to management or are preparing to take on a management role will find that this course provides a solid basic knowledge of coaching on which to build their experience. More experienced or senior managers will value the opportunity to spend time refreshing or developing their coaching skills.

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