Problem Solving for Finance Professionals

Online Course on Problem Solving for AccountantsProblem Solving for Finance Professionals Online CPD Training Course

Most finance professionals solve at least one problem every day of their working lives, but rarely stop to consider the methods they use to achieve this until faced with a potentially significant issue.

This course looks at how to identify and analyse a problem to successfully establish the root causes and then use a variety of problem solving techniques to develop, assess and implement solutions. Problem Solving for Accountants covers everything from the collection of data to who to involve in the process, and how to ensure that the solution achieves the desired outcomes.

Practical exercises and activities ensure that professionals have plenty of opportunity to try out a wide variety of problem solving tools and strategies.

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Problem Solving for Accountants enables learners to


  • Understand the importance of correctly identifying and analysing problems
  • Improve the core skills used when problem solving to become more successful
    at identifying solutions
  • Widen their range of options by exploring both analytical and creative approaches
  • Maximise their chance of finding an effective solution by ensuring
    key stakeholders contribute
  • Research and plan problem solving exercises effectively to manage the
    process smoothly
  • Understand how to develop, assess and implement solutions that minimise the
    risk of a problem reoccurring


Rating: 5 Stars for online course 100% of learners thought this course met their cpd needs
“The whole method of presentation is great. I loved the interaction. I feel I put a lot more effort into learning. It’s great I can revisit it.”
“It gave me a fresh approach to problem solving.”
“Ease of access and timeframe to complete the course were both great.”
“It challenged my view on certain aspects of the way I had previously dealt with problem solving.”

“It has helped me to focus on the different approaches analytical and creative when problem solving and the need to fully understand the problems.”

“Reiterated the topics I thought I knew and added new knowledge where there were gaps.”

“It gave me some good food for thought on how to approach problems at work.”

“This course has taught me that the relevant people need to be part of solving any problem.”

You can review this course using the questionnaire in the course completion area.

Learning outcomes of Problem Solving for Accountants

Deconstructing the problem

  • How do I identify the problem?
  • Is it worth tackling my problem?
  • Who do I need to involve in deconstructing the problem?
  • How do I make sure I understand the problem?

PS descontructing

Using analysis

  • What is the analytical approach?
  • What information do I need to gather?
  • How can I gather the information I need?
  • How can I analyse the data I’ve gathered?
  • How can I measure and present the data I’ve gathered?

PS analysis

Using creativity

  • Why is creativity important in problem solving?
  • How can I encourage creative thinking?
  • What tools can I use in the creative approach?
  • What do I do with the output of creative sessions?
  • Developing a solution
  • How do I come up with potential solutions?
  • Who needs to be involved in developing the solution?
  • How do I know which is the right solution?.
  • What do I need to do once I’ve come up with a solution?.
  • How do I implement the solution?

PS creativity

Target audience for Problem Solving for Accountants

This course is designed to appeal to all staff. Less experienced staff will find that the course will help them understand the process and be more effective at problem solving. More experienced or senior people will value the opportunity to spend time reviewing their approach to problem solving techniques.

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

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