Financial Forecasting – Building a spreadsheet model

Financial Forecasting - Building a spreadsheet model

Online Course on building a spreadsheet based financial forecast model

Excel make it easy to build a spreadsheet forecasting model. The challenge is that the formulas can quickly become very complex, and the structure of the model can get very unwieldy. If your structure is not sound others who may have to use it later may find it impenetrable.

This online training course explains how to build and operate spreadsheets for forecasting planning and business models.

The course is a practical guide, which takes a step-by-step approach to building models using Microsoft Excel.

Our Online Financial Forecasting Modelling Course will enable the learner to:

• Establish the ground rules for building a spreadsheet model, including guiding principles and the core elements
• Build a model including input data, intermediate calculation and output data
• Put together an executive summary of your model along with any appendices necessary
• Use a range of different techniques to assess the impact of potential changes in inputs or variables

Content of our course on building a forecasting model in Excel

Foundations of spreadsheet models
• What are the guiding principles of spreadsheet model building?
• What are the key elements in a spreadsheet model?
• How do we structure the spreadsheet?
• What is the purpose and scope of the model?
• What are the definitions, assumptions and sources of data?
• How do we achieve version control?

Building the model
• How do we input data?
• What are the intermediate calculations?
• What is the core model?
• What is the output data sheet?
• What about the executive summary?
• What goes into the appendices and user guide?

Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis
• How do we look at what-ifs and sensitivity analysis?
• What does the sensitivity analysis for our example cashflow forecast look like?
• What about scenario planning?
• How can we use the model for decision making?
• How do we present the outputs of the model?

Building a spreadsheet model of your business
• What are the key principles of building the business?
• What is the structure of the business model?
• What about revenue streams?
• How do we plan and make decisions using the business model?
• How do we maintain the business model?

Target audience for our Online Course on Building a Forecasting Model

This course is designed to appeal to accounting and finance professionals working at all levels.

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About the Author of our Financial Forecasting – Building a spreadsheet model course

Ross Maynard Lean & throughput accounting specialist

Ross is a highly experienced professional trainer, specialising in throughput accounting, lean service, value-based pricing and process improvement.
Ross incorporates many practical examples into his training from his personal experience. Ross Maynard is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

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