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Online Course on the philosophy and tools of lean management

“Lean Management” is a philosophy about skilled and motivated people across the organisation working together to improve the efficiency of processes. It aims to free-up time from rectifying mistakes and use it more profitably elsewhere in the business.

The approach has gained tremendous traction over the last 15 years and organisations all over the world are now applying the principles of lean improvement. Nevertheless, lean remains something of an enigma and many people do not fully understand its core philosophy.

Some believe lean to be a cost-reduction strategy with the aim of cutting jobs. Others think that lean is part of Six Sigma and is a highly technical methodology. Still others believe that lean is a Japanese approach that can only work within an Eastern culture-set. Lean is none of these things. Lean is not some mystical religion and it certainly should not be about cutting jobs: rather the efficiencies gained can be used to serve more customers and develop new products and services.

This online course on lead management will help you to understand the concepts and beliefs at the heart of the lean philosophy, and to think through its application within your organisation.

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At the end of this online CPD course you will be able to

• Understand the definition, history and key features of the lean philosophy
• Establish the starting point and stages in a lean improvement project
• Define Value Stream Mapping and the outcome you wish to achieve in an improvement project
• Understand the principles of good process design and the key tools of lean improvement
• Structure your organisation’s lean improvement efforts, including the composition of an Improvement Team and the stages that the Improvement Team should work through

This course is written for people working in the accounting and finance industry at all levels.

Key areas covered

• What is lean?
• Customer Value and Waste
• Mapping the Value Stream
• Improving the Process
• Creating a Structure for Lean Improvement


Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of interactive activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

About the Author of our lean management course

Ross Maynard Lean & throughput accounting specialist

Ross is a highly experienced professional trainer, specialising in throughput accounting, lean service, value-based pricing and process improvement.
Ross incorporates many practical examples into his training from his personal experience. Ross Maynard is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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4 hours of CPD, 120 days access for £75 less 10% discountFinancial Fluency Special Price £67.50
Use promo code FF101 at checkout to receive the Financial Fluency special price

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