Managing Through a Recession

Online Course on Managing Through a RecessionManaging Through a Recession Online CPD Training Course

Whether you are concerned about your own business or wanting to support your clients going through difficult times, Managing Through a Recession will enable you to think through your approach to managing a business through a recession.

Working through the process of understanding what is going on, assessing the damage, planning under pressure and making it happen, learners will develop their approach and engage in a dialogue with their peers. Robin Tidd’s experience helping a variety of clients informs both his ideas and the stimulating questions he raises to provoke the debate.

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Managing Through a Recession is a peer-enriched learning course. Peer-enriched learning courses stimulate intelligent dialogue and debate and provide a valuable and evolving resource of professional knowledge and experience. These courses are topical, practical and highly relevant to today’s changing market.

Each module is split into two activities: Understanding the issues and Putting it into practice. The first encourages learners to think about a topic, drawing on their own professional experience and knowledge. The second helps learners to put ideas and/or theories into practice as part of their day-to-day work.


Rating:5 Stars for online course 100% of learners thought this course met their cpd needs
“The practical approach of answering the questions first and then reviewing the authors and other members was truly helpful.”

“I loved the fact that it could be completed at home and that the content was very topical.”

“The course used good explanations and it was interesting to hear other people’s opinions.”

“Content was good and introduced some useful ideas.”

“Very relevant to the manufacturing industry within which I work.”

“It has given me a different perspective on helping some of my clients through the recession.”

“Completing a course online is great and it is good how you can follow on from one screen to the next. I also like the idea of the library for future reference.”

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Managing Through a Recession enables the learner to

• Predict what could go wrong in a downturn and spot it early
• Assess the likely impact of any issues
• Develop a plan to address problems
• Put in place the right actions and measures to ensure your plan works.

Topics for Managing Through a Recession

What’s going on?
• The current environment
• What’s different this time?
• What’s positive?
• What does this mean to you and the senior management team?
Managing through a recession - going on

Assessing the damage
• Problems and consequences: Part 1
• Problems and consequences: Part 2
• Damage reporting
• Root causes
Managing through a recession - assessing damage

Analysis tools
• Analysis of sales and gross margins – the product market matrix
• Analysis of new business leads – the “funnel”
• Activity based costing analysis
• Short interval costs
• Error reporting
• Process management – the leaking pipe
• Planning under pressure
• Planning and replanning
• Prioritising
• Approaches to problem solving
• Possible routes to solutions
Managing through a recession - analysis tools

Making it happen
• What makes an ongoing process of implementation?
• Emotions
• Meetings
• Management information
Managing through a recession - making it happen

Target audience for Managing Through a Recession

This course is designed to appeal to professionals, both in finance functions and other areas, who are looking for a practical course that enables them to apply business theory to successfully manage their organisation through a recession.

About the Author of Managing Through a Recession

Robin Tidd
Robin Tidd, MBA, FCMA, MCIM, is an experienced management consultant.

He has developed significant knowledge over the past 27 years working with organisations, and driving their success via a down-to-earth, practical approach. He was Chair of CIMA Members in Practice 2000-2005 and is a member of CIMA’s council.

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