Advanced Negotiation for Finance Professionals

Online Course on Advanced Negotiation for AccountantsAdvanced Negotiation for Finance Professionals Online CPD Training Course

The ability to negotiate effectively in any situation is a skill that can be learnt like any other. Advanced Negotiation for Accountants enables learners to hone and improve their negotiation techniques and strategies. Learners will be able to plan for complex negotiations, ensuring that the outcome of any negotiation undertaken is successful, and they will learn how to handle difficult situations as they arise.

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The course covers the process of negotiation, the trading of constants and variables in order to achieve a successful outcome, the balance of power and persuasion and rapport building techniques. The course will give more experienced negotiators the opportunity to refresh their skills, while also providing an overview for those looking to improve their negotiation skills for the first time.

Advanced Negotiation for Accountants enables the learner to

• Use NLP to build rapport
• Trade concessions effectively
• Reach an acceptable conclusion for both parties by using constants and variables
• Handle difficult situations and difficult people
• Understand and avoid some of the common traps in negotiations
• Learn when not to negotiate and when to say NO!

Rating: 5 Stars for online course 100% of learners thought this course met their CPD needs

“This course allowed me to refresh existing knowledge and gain new knowledge and ideas about a skill that I use in work and everyday life.”

“I liked the interactive questions and answers, and scenarios with feedback from other attendees to see how I fared (better than most!)”

“The layout continuously captures the attention of the reader, it is never boring!”

“Met my objectives of being able to plan for business negotiations, having a plan of action, being able to see how issues could be raised and dealt with, and when not to negotiate.”

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Learning outcomes of Advanced Negotiation for Accountants

The principles of negotiation
• What is the aim of negotiation?
• How do people negotiate?
• What makes someone a good negotiators?
• Why is preparation so important?
Avanced negotiation - principles

Negotiation Dynamics
• What are negotiation dynamics?
• What is my negotiation style?
• What is NLP and how can it help me build rapport?
• How can I make the power balance work for me?
• How do I persuade people effectively?
Avanced negotiation - dynamics

Preparing for complex negotiation
• When should I negotiate?
• How can I use constants and variables to prepare?
• How can I use a “range of outcomes” to plan a win-win outcome?
• What common traps should I be aware of?
Avanced negotiation - preparation

Trading concessions
• Why is trading concessions so important?
• How do I trade concessions effectively?
• What do I do if they won’t give way on anything?
• What tactics should I recognise?
Avanced negotiation - trading

Getting out of deadlock!
• What difficult issues might I face?
• How do I deal with objections?
• How do I deal with an aggressive negotiator who refuses to budge?
• How do I resolve conflict?
• How do I create a positive atmosphere for agreement?
Avanced negotiation - deadlock

Target audience for Advanced Negotiation for Accountants

Accounting and finance professionals in practice and in industry.

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