Anti-Money Laundering Regulation

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Anti-Money Laundering Regulation

Money laundering and underlying serious crimes happen in almost every country in the world and the costs involved are huge.

A single scheme can involve transferring money through several countries in order to obscure its origins. Money laundering, at its simplest, is the act of making money that comes from Source A look like it comes from Source B. In practice, criminals are trying to disguise the origins of money obtained through illegal activities so it looks like it was obtained from legal sources and the methods used by money launderers are many and varied.

Anti-Money Laundering will introduce you to the concept of ‘money laundering’ and how it works. You will learn about money laundering schemes and understand the principles and the methods used. The course shows you how to comply with regulations, what is required from you and how to report laundering.

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Anti-Money Laundering Regulation Training enables the learner to:

• Understand what money laundering is
• Be aware of international controls
• Know what customer due diligence is required
• Create effective anti-money laundering policies
• Know when to report laundering activities


Rating: 5 Stars for online course

“It explained in detail the requirements necessary for accountants to know regarding Money Laundering Regulations.”

“Provided an overview and detailed guide on money laundering methods and detection. Very informative. Covered all areas of money laundering in a concise structured way.”

“I like the way your courses are presented. I like the fact that you can read at your own pace, but it is interactive in that it requires participation, which is much better for retention of the information than simply reading alone.”

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Learning outcomes of Anti-Money Laundering Regulation Training

• What is money laundering?
• How do people launder money?
• What international controls exist?
Money laundering intro

Implementing the regulations
• How can we create effective anti-money laundering policies?
• What do effective policies mean for me?
• What is customer due diligence?
• What records do we need to keep?
• What is the role of the money laundering reporting officer?
• What training is required?
Money laundering implementing

Reporting requirements
• When should we report?
• How do we identify suspicious transactions in practice?
• How should we report?
Money laundering reporting

Money laundering schemes
• Use of a nominee
• Simple banking operation
• Banking-business combination
• Shell companies
• Loan-back schemes
Money laundering schemes

Target audience for Anti-Money Laundering Regulation

This course is designed to appeal to people working in the accounting and finance industry at all levels.

About the author of Anti-Money Laundering Regulation

Juan Carlos Venegas
Juan Carlos Venegas is an accountant, certified forensic consultant, fraud examiner and counter fraud specialist based in the UK and has been in accountancy practice since 2003.

He advises clients on financial management, budgeting and strategy implementation, fraud prevention and detection and UK/Spanish taxation.

He is a course writer and a tutor for Oxford College and also works in fraud and forensic investigation cases and tax investigations.

He is also a Finance Trainer for different international organisations based in the UK and abroad.

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

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