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Excel Visual Basic for Applications

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an implementation of Microsoft’s Visual Basic, an event driven programming language and associated integrated development environment (IDE) which is built into most Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel.
Online Remote Training Course covering Excel VBA

VBA is perfect for automating any time consuming repetitive tasks which you have to perform regularly within Excel.

VBA can be used for a myraid of functions and other customisations you may wish to make.

Put simply, VBA not only saves you time, it helps you to maximise your use of Excel.

Financial professionals need to analyse and manipulate huge amounts of data. Excel’s VBA is perfect for data analysis and manipulation.

Our online course in VBA will help you get to grips with VBA’s key functionality whether you are a beginner or simply need a refersher. Please see the course content below.


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Online VBA Course Content

Excel VBA, the fundamentals
• What is VBA?
• The Visual Basic Editor
Online Training in Excel VBA via e-learning
Excel macros and automation
• Macro tools and the developer tab
• Recording a set of tasks
• Playback and testing
• Debugging

Learning the VBA language
• Procedures: interpreting the script
• Declaring variables
• IntelliSense
• Common terms
• VBA Objects

Relative referencing
• Recording with relative referencing
• Offset and variable offset
• Jump selection

Controlling objects, applications and macros
• Executing application open and shutdown
• The PivotTable Object
Excel VBA Online Course for beginners or refresher
Incorporating failsafe techniques
• Error handling
• IF THEN ELSE statements
• Checking cell contents

Coding functions
• Using in-built functions
• User-defined functions (UDF)
• Variable values
• Replacing nested IF functions

Building programs for end-users
• Message boxes/screen prompts
• Input boxes and declaring variables
• Processing user input
• Working with UserForms

• Macro security settings
• VBA project properties

Online VBA Course Format

Each of the above topics has been split into short vignettes. Our experienced and well regarded VBA course presenter will take you carefully through each of the topics one by one, allowing you to pause and rewind as needed.

The course is supported with lots of worked examples. You will be able to follow our presenter through each topic and then test your understanding with subsequent examples.

The course is delivered online and available through our portal 24/7. Each licence comes with 3 months of free access, following purchase, so you can replay and repeat as many times as required.

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