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Innovation is all about generating and implementing new ideas, breaking the mould to deliver business success. This course shows you why innovation is important, how to create and select great ideas and how to realise them in you own organisation.

You will appreciate how creativity can grow from crisis, consider alternative business models and try out some practical tools for idea generation and risk management. Innovation will teach you how to contribute effective new ideas to a range of situations within your organisation.

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Innovation for Accountants enables the learner to

• Think about what innovation is and why it is important
• Identify different types of innovation
• Encourage innovation within their company
• Discover how to evaluate and select appropriate ideas
• Develop ideas into projects that work
• Find ways to assess and manage risk
• Convert ideas into results


Rating: 5 Stars for online course 100% would recommend this course

“Made me feel more confident about being innovative.”

“Took me through issues historically and suggested alternatives. Suggested resources to enable to further pursue”

“As the finance lead for strategic planning this course was valuable learning to link my core activity with the aspirations of the organisation over the coming years to innovate and improve service.”

You can review this course using the questionnaire in the course completion area.

Learning outcomes of Innovation for Accountants

Innovation and you
• What is innovation?
• Why is innovation important?
• What types of innovation are there?
• What are the main types of Innovation?
• What are the main sources of innovation?
• How is innovation different from what I do everyday?
• What skills do I need to become an innovator?
• When should I think innovatively?
• Where does innovation fit within my organisation?
Innovation & you

Context and theory
• Why does innovation matter to the outside world?
• What theory should I be aware of?
• Why doesn’t everyone innovate?
• How do organisations encourage innovation?
• How do organisations deal with the financial challenges of innovation?
• What external incentives are available for innovative business projects?
Innovation context

Ideas and opportunities
• How do I generate ideas and opportunities?
• What tools can I use?
• Where can I find inspiration?
• How do I run a brainstorming session?
• How do I evaluate and select appropriate ideas?
• How should I talk about my ideas?
• How do I convert ideas into results?
Innovation opportunities

Implementing Ideas
• What makes a great idea work in practice?
• What do I do if my idea doesn’t fit in to my organisation’s business model?
• What other business models are there?
• How should I manage an innovative project?
• How do I monitor and evaluate an innovative project?
• When should I change or cancel an innovative project?
Innovation ideas

Managing change and risk
• How do people respond to change?
• What approaches can I use to manage change?
• How do I avoid risk?
• How can I assess the risk of an innovative project?
• What is an acceptable level of risk?
• What do I do if no-one wants to take the risk?
Innovation management

Target audience for Innovation for Accountants

This course is aimed at professionals involved in business.

About the Author of Innovation for Accountants

Anna Faherty
Anna Faherty is a writer, lecturer and consultant working across the publishing, museum and charity sectors.

She has hands-on management experience as a director of a multi-million pound publishing division and a trustee of a small independent museum.

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