Health and Safety for Accountants

Online Course on Health and Safety for AccountantsHealth and Safety for Accountants Online CPD Training Course

Responsibility for health and safety in an organisation typically lies with appointed managers. However, there are issues around health and safety that anyone within your company needs to be aware of, from what the fire evacuation procedure is to lifting a box correctly.

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This course looks at how to comply with health and safety regulations and also what every member of staff should be aware of from a day to day point of view.

Health and Safety for Accountants enables the learner to:

• Understand what health and safety is and your own responsibilities so you can be safe in the workplace
• Ensure that you and other colleagues know what the law says and are compliant with the organisation’s health and safety policy
• Minimise any risks to your health by understanding regulations relating to display screen equipment, technology, signposting and manual health issues
• Know the emergency procedures and policies for fire so you can evacuate safely
• Understand reporting and prevention strategies to minimise the chance of an emergency arising


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“It explained issues that address the small charity I work for.”

“Increase knowledge of HSE within the workplace and indicators to look out for.”

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Learning outcomes

Our responsibilities
• What is health and safety?
• What does the law say about health and safety?
• What is our health and safety policy?
• Whose responsibility is our health and safety policy?
• What are the benefits of good health and safety compliance?
Health & safety - responsibility

Day to day health and safety
• How do we manage health and safety on a daily basis?
• What are the display screen equipment regulations?
• Are there safety rules for using equipment and machinery?
• What needs to be signposted at work?
• What is manual handling?
• What is occupational health?
• How does health and safety affect home workers?
• What are the working time regulations?
• What are the safety issues I should consider when travelling out of the office?
Health & safety - day to day

Emergency procedures
• What emergency procedures do we have at work?
• What happens when someone needs first aid?
• What is our emergency evacuation procedure?
• What if I need to report an emergency?
Health & safety - procedures

Reporting and prevention
• Who assesses the risks in our workplace?
• How can I help prevent accidents and incidents at work?
• What should I do if I identify a health and safety risk?
• What happens once a health and safety risk is identified?
• What if I think my health is at risk because of my working conditions?
• What can I do to prevent stress at work?
Health & safety - reporting

Target audience for Health and Safety for Accountants

This course is designed to appeal to accounting and finance professionals at all levels.

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