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Online Course on Strategic Financial ManagementStrategic Financial Management Online CPD Training Course

Can you contribute to the making and monitoring of strategic decisions?

Can you augment the traditional accounting model so as to provide information relevant to an increasingly dynamic world? In Strategic Financial Management David Allen argues that, if accountants concentrate on looking backwards, they will find it difficult to play their rightful part at the strategic level of management.

Less functional approaches to management have had a big impact on control systems and have left the traditional accounting model looking inappropriate and even misleading.

Strategic Financial Management brings together financial management and strategic management and provides the financial criterion for all management decision making – maximising the net present value of projected cash flows – focusing in particular on the two key ingredients: cash flow and net present value.

Always provocative and stimulating, David Allen will challenge your assumptions and encourage you to think again about the role of accountancy in a new dynamic world

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At the end of this online CPD course you will be able to

• Understand the limitations of traditional accounting models in an increasingly dynamic and fast changing world
• Contribute more effectively to corporate strategy by taking a more proactive and forward looking approach
• React to conditions of rapid change through enhanced awareness, anticipation and adaptation
• Understand and use alternative expressions of profit that start with a recognition of the impact on cash flow of the various stakeholders in a company

This course is written accounting and finance professionals in practice and in industry. Corporate planners, strategists and senior managers.

Key areas covered

• Strategic management
• Financial management
• Cash flow
• Net present value


Example feedback

Rating: 5 Stars for online course 87.5% of learners thought this course met their cpd needs
“Very accessible, and easy to get further information on each topic.”
“It was an interesting subject that I had never come across before, so it will certainly make me think in the future.”
“Refreshing and interesting.”
“Thank you so much for the programme. I really enjoyed this programme and I have learnt important things at a strategic level which I will apply in my day to day at the workplace and help me to solve different task and risk at a strategic level. I really enjoyed it.”
“That is an excellent approach and I must say it has given me a lot of understanding about how funds are used.”

“The real world examples showed me that I need to continuously retool myself as an Accountant to ensure that my skills continue to be relevant in this changing and uncertain environment.”

“Coming from the traditional accounting model, it was insightful to keep abreast with new developments and new thinking.”

“Very relevant to my working environment and gives me plenty to ponder.”

“The course reinforced the importance of strategic financial management and its real world applications…..something which was not emphasized at university level.”

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Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of interactive activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.

SFM Control systems
SFM Way Forward
SFM Happy
SFM Shareholder Value

About the author of Strategic Financial Management

David AllenDavid Allen CBE, MPhil, FCMA, FCIS was employed for many years by the Cadbury Schweppes group, holding directorships of various companies, latterly Cadbury Ltd.

Whilst with the group, he coined the expression Strategic Financial Management to refer to an approach which enabled the finance function to play a proactive role in the formation and monitoring of strategy, and offered an antidote to short-termism.

During that period he was also president of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), chairman of the Management Accounting stream of the International Federation of Accountants, a visiting professor at Loughborough University Business School and a member of the Review Panel of the Financial Reporting Council.

He retired from all of the above in order to concentrate on the promulgation of the concept and practice of Strategic Financial Management, through the medium of S. F. M. Ltd. This involved writing, lecturing and consulting, and led to a number of non-executive directorships in private and public sectors.

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4 hours of CPD, 120 days access for £75 less 10% discountFinancial Fluency Special Price £67.50
Use promo code FF101 at checkout to receive the Financial Fluency special price
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