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Meeting the CPD deadline

The December CPD rush It’s always the same, every December accountants are rushing to complete their annual CPD (continuing professional development) requirement. Taking ACCA members as an example – despite having 12 months (January to December) to complete 21 hours of verifiable CPD, a large percentage leave it till December and often the last few […]

ACCA CPD Training Courses

CPD Year End Courses for ACCA Complete your ACCA CPD now whilst there is still plenty of time The 2019 CPD year end is in Have you completed your CPD allocation for the year of 40 hours of CPD including 21 verifiable hours? Are you looking for last minute verifiable CPD hours to top up […]

5 things you need to know about CIMA’s Strategic Case Study Exam

CIMA’s Strategic Case Study Exam For the new Strategic Case Study there are 5 things we already know about which will be very important to all Strategic Students. These are: 1) There are no calculations in the Case Study Exam HURRAH shout some of you! Well, it’s not all good news… Calculations in the old […]

Reduce your excel file size, load excel quicker and save excel files quicker!

Speed up your excel with this simple tip! The results Load time = 4 times quicker Save time = 2 times quicker File size = 1.5 times smaller This mainly applies to larger excel files. There is less difference for smaller excel files. See below for the basis of these results. So what do I […]

The global spread of e-learning

Our online courses are accessed from around the world Financial Fluency are delighted to welcome our online learning customers from over 30 countries around the world. Accessibility of online learning The above map of the world demonstrates the power of online learning to increase accessibility to CPD for many people around the globe. Many of […]

The skill of business writing

Business writing is a professional skill that requires careful planning as well as practice. Business Commentaries Business commentaries should be: • Focused around the needs and requirements of the user(s) • Appropriate in breadth and depth – anticipating the “so what” questions • Prioritised on ‘big issues’ that will likely be of most relevance • […]

What is Excel VBA?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an implementation of Microsoft’s Visual Basic, an event driven programming language and associated integrated development environment (IDE) which is built into most Microsoft Office applications. VBA supersedes and expands on the capabilities of earlier application-specific macro programming languages such as Word’s WordBasic, and can be used to control almost […]

In-house financial training courses

The benefits in in-house financial training courses The majority of our training is delivered on an in-house basis to our clients, whether large, small, public or private. There are considerable benefits of training in-house as opposed to a public or open course. We’ve outlined some of the benefits below. Please have a look and send […]

Financial Reporting for Non-finance Professionals

Discover the financial health of a company The true health of a company cannot be ascertained from its bottom line alone. The real story can be discovered within the detail of its financial statements and by ‘making the numbers talk’. To the untrained eye – balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements […]

Accounting and Auditing Pension Schemes

Occupational pension schemes in the news The death of defined benefit pension schemes Occupational pension schemes are rarely far from the news. From large scale frauds, such as with Robert Maxwell and the Mirror Group Scheme, to large corporate collapses with the resulting impact on pensioners, as with Rover Group, to the current unrest over […]