Charity Accounting, Auditing & Legislation

in-house CPD training course

In-House Charity Accounting,
Auditing & Legislation Training Course

The course presents a salient overview of the legislative, accounting and audit requirements that impact on charities.

The course is ideal for:
• In-house accountants working for a charity
• Accountants in practice with Charity Clients
• Those with an interest in Charity accounting, auditing and legislation.

Charity Accounting, Auditing & Legislation Course Outline

A typical course outline includes the following:
Accounting, Auditing & Legislation Course for Charity Accountants
Legislative requirements
• The charities Act 2006
• Provisions in the Trust deed

Accounting requirements
• The Charities SORP (FRS 102)
• Developments in the second eddition SORP – published October 2019
• SORP information sheets
• FRS 30

Auditing issues
• Audit thresholds
• Practice Note 11 (updated for the clarified ISAs)
• Whistle blowing

Charity Accounting, Auditing & Legislation Course Delivery

Charity Accounting, Auditing & Legislation Overview

We take an open friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning finance. We believe that people learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves. We make finance interesting for you. We love questions and welcome as many as possible.

We encourage an open atmosphere which in our experience accelerates the learning process. We always use lots of exercises, case studies and real life examples in our training as we believe this really helps our clients to understand concepts.

We find that people only really learn when they test their understanding through practice. We offer traditional training, facilitation, interactive simulations, coaching and online training.
In-house Charity Accounting, Auditing & Legislation Overview Training

In-house Charity Accounting, Auditing & Legislation Training

Our training can be held within your office or an external venue of your choice.

We can also secure venues on your behalf through our venue sourcing agency.


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