Next Generation Management Accounting

in-house CPD training course

In-house training course on Management Accounting for the Next Generation

Management Accountants of the Future

An intensive one-day training program exploring the latest tools, techniques & thinking on management accounting.

A unique opportunity to gain an insight into the future of management accounting by one of the world’s leading speakers on the subject.

This programme is conducted by
Aubrey Joachim FCMA; CGMA; MBA.
Past Global President of CIMA (2009/2010)
and management accounting practitioner with multi-national corporations and SME’s across the world.

Programme Overview: ‘Next Generation Management Accounting’

The finance function has long been seen as merely a financial reporting role providing historical information on how an organisation has performed over a period. This passive role of the finance function – and finance professional – is now being questioned. Should finance be adding more value to the organisation than it currently does?

In the modern world of business and commerce merely ensuring that organisations meet compliance and regulatory obligations alone is insufficient and hardly satisfying to any visionary finance professional. Ensuring and contributing to the long term profitability and sustainability of an organisation is the challenge for every finance professional today.

The management accounting aspects of the finance function are beginning to take on a more important and proactive role in the current and emerging business climate. This is the case in any organisation big or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, public sector or private sector. Organisational leaders have recognised that the management accounting role of the finance function now adds much more value than the compliance and regulatory aspects.

This program will explore the transformation of the finance function and the finance professional from a mere score-keeper to a valued business partner. It will focus on the management accounting tools and skill-set required by the next generation finance professional to add tangible bottom line value to any organisation. Many practical examples will be shared.

Detailed course outline


Session 1 – Leading edge planning, budgeting and forecasting

At the hub of effective planning and corporate performance management are the important processes of budgeting and forecasting.

Investment Appraisal Course ContentThis module will position the management accountant within the organisations planning framework. It challenges participants understanding of budgets and provides the opportunity to understand the practicality of new tools and techniques in the areas of strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting.

This session will cover:
• An introduction to organisational planning
• The role of budgets in the modern organisation
• New management accounting tools and techniques for budgeting and forecasting
• Thinking beyond budgeting
• Rolling forecasts – an improvement on traditional budgeting

Session 2 – Improving the bottom line using activity based techniques

Activity based techniques Improve performance and profits through ABCare increasingly being used as a tool in organisations to improve the bottom line. Activity Based Management (ABM) and Activity Based Costing (ABC) are tools that the management accountant must be familiar with if they are to transform the finance function into a value adding unit.

This module will provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of ABM and ABC and also work through the stages of implementation in the business.

This session will explore:
• Understanding activity based costing methods
• How to implement an ABC system
• Using ABC / ABM to improve organisational performance
• How ABC / ABM can be linked to organisational planning

Session 3 – Improving management reporting for enhanced business performance

It is an ongoing challenge for many finance professionals – knowing how to present information in a way that is understood and appreciated by a diverse audience in their organisation. Example of improved performance reporting for managementOrganisations today have more access to data and information than ever before.

This module provides frameworks for converting financial information into valuable insights which will improve the strategic performance of the organisation.

This session will look at:
• Management reporting from board room to store room
• Reporting for corporate performance management (CPM)
• Management accounting tools and techniques supporting good reporting
• Reporting for a sustainable future
• Reporting for overall governance and strategic support

Session 4 – The transforming role of finance professional to business partner

Management accountant communicating with other departments as a business partnerThere is no doubt that the role of the finance professional is changing. It is becoming increasingly clear that finance transformation must result in the management accountant taking on a business partnering role.

This module provides practical insight into how management accountants can go about becoming true business partners. This involves elevating the profile of the role and working collaboratively with other business managers to set and execute strategies that lead to enhanced performance.

This exciting session will look at:
• The managerial role of the management accounting finance professional
• Business Analytics – the essence of business performance management
• The finance professionals role is setting and monitoring strategy
• The expanding finance professionals role in corporate performance management (CPM)
• Strategic enterprise management (SEM) the pinnacle of business partnering

Aubrey Joachim – Programme Leader

Aubrey Joachim Programme Leader for Next Generation Management AccountantAubrey Joachim is a management coach, mentor and public speaker with 30 years of international professional experience. With expertise and interest in strategic management accounting, financial management, organisational strategy, risk management, finance transformation, business analytics, governance and change management, he is a sought after trainer and facilitator.

Aubrey is a Past President of CIMA and in his role as a CIMA ambassador, Aubrey runs business analytics and finance transformation presentations for the world’s leading organisations, such as Ford, IBM, Barclays Bank, Rolls Royce, Unilever, Shell, Infosys, WNS, Swire, Coca-Cola, and Time Warner.

Aubrey is one of a very few trainers globally who does anything on Business Analytics. He has recently been signed up by a major global publisher to write a book on the topic.

Key benefits of attending our management accounting course

learn about management accounting
• A discursive and interactive approach.
• Opportunities to learn about the latest tools and techniques.
• Use of real examples to stimulate thought and discussion.
• Access to one of the world’s leading speakers on the subject
• Ideas you can use immediately.

Who should attend?

• Management Accountants working in all industries.
• Accountants in other disciplines who want to understand management accountants.
• Finance professionals who wish to gain an insight into the latest tools, techniques and thinking on management accounting.
• Those looking for interesting and stimulating continuing professional development (CPD).

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