Key Performance Indicators Workshop

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In-house Key Performance
Indicators Training Workshop

Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) are increasingly standard in large, medium and some small organisations as well as by Governments.

As with most management concepts understanding of the purpose, application, implementation and optimisation of KPIs varies from breathtakingly good to various degrees of destructive.

If KPIs (as part of Business Performance Improvement or BPI) are properly applied and used they can have a fundamental effect on the culture and the competitive performance of any organisation large or small.

KPI Indicators Workshop Objective

The aim of this workshop to examine all aspects of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in detail.

The workshop follows the following suggested structure:
• Introduction, philosophy and background
• The importance of processes
• Establishing KPIs
• Implementation plans
• Collection, presentation, evaluation, meetings, culture and summary.

The overall aim of the workshop is to improve the probability of successful application of KPIs within an organisation.

Key Performance Indicators Workshop In-house Training Course 3

The Contents of our KPI Indicators Workshop

The following is an illustrative workshop outline for a five day workshop.

In practice every workshop is tailored to every client’s specific requirements.

1. Understanding KPIs
• What do KPIs mean?
• Vital principles.
• Plan do check act.
• Short interval controls
• All work is a process
• Horizontals and verticals, pipelines and silos blind spots.
• Waste within processes and between processes, opportunities
• BPI and cultures long term, short and medium term wins
• Lessons from TQM, Continuous Improvement, and Theories of Motivation etc.

2. The road map for implementation
• High level process map, what are the key processes.
• Primary recording
• Data analysis
• Variation and Statistical Process Control
• Identifying the ‘gaps’ and setting targets
• Action Review Meetings
• Problem Solving MeetingsKey Performance Indicators Workshop In-house Training Course 2
• Physical > Logical > Emotional
• Teamwork
• Recognition

3. KPI selection principles
• High Level Process Maps
• Process Mapping to get KPIs and to identify improvements

4. KPI selection in practice
• Operational and non-operational functions
• Perspective of various stakeholders
• Identify the scope for improvements
• Problems with accessing data, analysing it and getting people involved in resultant actions

5. Rolling out the KPIs
• The road map for implementation
• The importance of emotional commitment
• Planning the introduction of KPIs
• Charts, time and dependences
• Establishing the total scope and stages of coverage
• Undertaking leaking pipe workshops to gain commitment and identify potential for early wins
• Training people to map the processes and establish the KPIs
• Appointing Steering group/s and their roles to monitor and solve problems
• Appointing champions
• Using a small team to identify identifying data collection problems and methods, so that the ground is prepared and issues anticipated.
• Setting up displays, Action Review Meetings and Improvement Teams
• Documentation, data, display, analysis and reporting

6. Documentation
• Primary recording
• The principle of ‘automatic-realtime’

7. Data visualisation and best practice presentation
• Using IT to deal with the data
• Dashboards and drill downs
• Different style of presentation to identify the ‘gaps’ and how they are being closed

8. Data collection
• The importance of display to changing attitudes and awareness’s

9. Analysis and reporting
• Consideration of the likely opportunities using principles of Lean operations
• Simple and more complex analysis
• Where Statistical Process Control may be appropriate
• States of control:- Chaos, Brink of Chaos, Brink of Perfection

Key Performance Indicators Workshop In-house Training Course

10. Decision making and communication
• The importance of quantification of improvement in specifics
• Evaluation of waste, ‘cost of quality’ and the serious errors than can be made without understanding of cost behaviours.

11. Creating a performance related culture
• Aligning the programme with the business strategy
• Top Management’s role
• Road blocks to culture change and ways to remove or circumvent the road blocks
• Teamwork has to be integrated with horizontal management
• Understanding motivation
• The manager’s job in an improvement organisation
• The importance of meetings and dealing in facts
• Using targets CORRECTLY in order to drive Continuous/Continual Improvement
• The importance of visions and missions
• The views of significant writers

KPI Workshop Delivery Style

A typical workshop is interspersed with numerous discussions, exercises and illustrations.

Our KPI workshop is a very interactive hands on experience during which delegates are actively involved in establishing chosen processes, mapping them and then identifying the KPIs. The goal is that these processes can be successfully implemented in their organisation following the workshop.

In-house Key Performance Indicators Workshop

Our training can be held within your office or an external venue of your choice.

We can also secure venues on your behalf through our venue sourcing agency.


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