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Quotes from business executives:

“I haven’t read anything I don’t already know”
“The commentary doesn’t add value”

Relevant and timely financial and management information is essential to the smooth running of every organisation.

Business Writing Skills is more than producing the numbersThe production of ‘the numbers’ is a core output of any finance department but it is not, of itself, enough. Financial information requires a supporting narrative to “add value” and it is typically the responsibility of finance to produce incisive business commentaries to respond to user expectations.

This practical, exercise driven, course focuses on the skills required to write effectively and covers a range of techniques that will help maximise impact from business writing.

The effectiveness of the course can be maximised by incorporating company (and industry) specific examples of business communications.

Business Writing Skills Course Objectives

• To recognise the ‘value added’ importance of business commentaries and the consequences of poorly written commentaries
• To focus on the fundamentals of good business writing including, critically, understanding the needs and requirements of the addressee
• To improve written skills through a variety of practical techniques

Course Content for Business Writing Skills

1. Recognising the challenge
• Expectations and the expectation gap
• A professional skill

2. Essentials of business writingEssentials of business writing is understanding the adressee
• Identifying the “3 Cs”
• The criticality of the addressee
• ‘Brain scanning’ and other techniques
• The challenge of multiple addressees

3. Improving writing skills
• Recognising the personal challenge
• Enhancing focus, increasing relevance
• “Less is more” improvement techniques

4. Enhancing subject matter expertise
• Sources of business specific knowledge
• Macroeconomic and other external factors

Feedback for Business Writing Skills

Tailored to our business. Had done good background research. Engaging. Lots of exercises. Worked well
Good use of exercises made session interactive which helped engagement
Good course pack, relaxed atmosphere good course information
Very logical and structured with good break out sessions
Interactive not boring. Best way to learn.
Relevant to any commercial finance professional
Very helpful as an introduction to business writing
As a tool to improve business writing skills the course is very beneficial

Course Delivery for Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills Courses Delivery

We take an open friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning finance. We believe that people learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves. We make finance interesting for you.

We love questions and welcome as many as possible. We encourage an open atmosphere which in our experience accelerates the learning process. We always use lots of exercises, case studies and real life examples in our training as we believe this really helps our clients to understand concepts.

We find that people only really learn when they test their understanding through practice. We offer traditional training, facilitation, interactive simulations, coaching and online training.

Tailored Business Writing Courses

All our courses are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs.

We like to spend time getting to know our clients as we strongly believe that training is most effective and valuable when tailored and focused.
In-house Financial Reporting training

In-house Financial Reporting Training

Our training can be held within your office or an external venue of your choice.

We can also secure venues on your behalf through our venue sourcing agency.


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