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We offer courses in business & financial mathematics for both finance and non-finance professionals. If you are looking for an introduction to business & financial mathematics, a practical guide, a refresher or to enhance your existing understanding then we have the right course for you. No mater what your experience or level, we can pitch our courses at the right level for you.

Our Business Maths Courses Include

Generally our courses on business & financial mathematics include a combination of the following areas:

Business Maths Courses include

Financial Maths

• Compounding
• Discounting
• NPV (Net Present Value)
• IRR (Internal rate of return)

Risk Management

• Probabilities
• Expected Values

Managing Data
Financial Fluency Risk Management

• Qualities of good information
• Graphical representations
• Index numbers


• High-low method
• Linear regression
• Correlation coefficient
• Coefficient of determination
• Time series analysis

CIMA Certificate Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

If required we can follow all or part of the CIMA certificate on the Fundamentals of Business Mathematics. Delegates then have the opportunity to sit an exam with CIMA and gain a certificate.

The certificate syllabus primarily deals with the tools and techniques to understand the mathematics associated with managing business operations. Probability and risk play an important role in developing business strategy. Preparing forecasts and establishing the relationships between variables are an integral part of budgeting and planning.

Financial mathematics provides an introduction to interest rates and annuities and to investment appraisal for projects.

Preparing graphs and tables in summarised formats and using spreadsheets are important in both the calculation of data and the presentation of information to users.

Certificate Fundamentals of Business Mathematics Syllabus structure

The syllabus comprises the following topics and study weightings:
A Basic mathematics 15%
B Probability 15%
C Summarising and analysing data 15%
D Relationships between variables 15%
E Forecasting 15%
F Financial mathematics 15%
G Spreadsheets 10%

Spreadsheets and business maths

Financial Fluency Forecasting
In practice most business & financial mathematics calculations are conducted on spreadsheets. Our business & financial mathematics training courses utilise spreadsheets to demonstrate best practice and highlight some of the common pitfalls.

Delegates have the option to use laptops in the training. You can decide what is the best approach for you and we will let you know the pros and cons of using computers in training.

See also our investment appraisal and spreadsheet skills for finance courses.

Business Maths Course Delivery

Business Maths Course Delivery
We take an open friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning finance. We believe that people learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves. We make finance interesting for you.

We love questions and welcome as many as possible. We encourage an open atmosphere which in our experience accelerates the learning process. We always use lots of exercises, case studies and real life examples in our training as we believe this really helps our clients to understand concepts.

We find that people only really learn when they test their understanding through practice. We offer traditional training, facilitation, interactive simulations, coaching and online training.

Tailored Business Maths Courses

All our courses are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. We like to spend time getting to know our clients as we strongly believe that training is most effective and valuable when tailored and focused.
In-house Business Maths Training

In-house Business Maths Training

Our training can be held within your office or an external venue of your choice.

We can also secure venues on your behalf through our venue sourcing agency.


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