Financial Supply Chain and Working Capital

in-house CPD training course

In-House Financial Supply Chain and Working Capital Training Course

• Does your organisation need to deliver efficiencies and effectiveness throughout its financial supply chain?

• Does your organisation need to improve cash flow reporting internally as well as externally?

Help your company to make more money through:

• A strategy that reviews creditors as assets whilst debtors and inventory are liabilities

• Recovering cash from debtors, creditors, stock and work in progress by:
— Utilising credit control effectively
— Checking for discounts/rebates/retentions and duplicate payments
— Reducing stock by JIT/Kanban techniques and understanding unbilled work in progress
and any stock deficiencies
— Delivering a supply chain risk mitigation process
financial supply chain and working capital
• Improving customer demand chain, supply chain/reverse supply chain relationships – the right metrics at the right time

• Lowering overhead and increasing billable costs

• Presenting disclosure requirements that make investors/stakeholders take notice

• Improving your credit rating and liquidity position on a sustainable basis

This Financial Supply Chain and Working Capital Workshop includes:

• How accountants, managers and directors at all levels can impact how suppliers are paid, debtors pay/default or decide to accept court action.

• Why if work-in-progress and/or stock is not valued appropriately, process costs escalate and how product/customer margins deteriorate due to inefficiencies in the financial supply chain.

• A rigorous approach to analysing the financial supply chain which can uncover where actions to improve working capital should be focused.

• The strategies employed in managing cash flow that significantly impact not only the accounting information of an organisation but how it is perceived by analysts and the marketplace in general.

• Issues beyond the credit crunch, such as future risks to credit ratings, including Basel III, Single European Payments Area, new supply chain finance initiatives, corporate social responsibility, green issues and the cost of dealing with ‘stretched supply chains’ where natural, economic and political risks are increased.

• The Companies Act 2006 (As amended October 2013) which requires production of a Strategy Report and demonstrable links to Key Performance Indicators used in Interim Management Statements and the Annual Report.

Course Outline for Financial Supply Chain and Working Capital

• Financial Supply Chain (FSC) – What is it?

• FSC impacts on cash flow including liquidity gaps, market perception:
— The 3 ‘C’s for trade creditors – Certification, Categorisation, Classification
— The 3 ‘D’s for trade debtors- Differentiation, Development, Default

• Workshop One – What have you learnt so far and how can be applied to your discipline?

• Case studies – for each area of Trade customers and trade suppliers, WIP, stock

• Obstacles to achieving an efficient and effective FSC:Financial Supply Chain (FSC) training
— System challenges
— Behavioural mind set of internal teams, customers, suppliers
— Capacity, capability, maturity of the function, department, entity, organisation

• Tools to reduce/eliminate efficiency – major work steps:
— Analysing and improving the FSC through core, support or diversionary activity analysis
— Product, service, customer net margin analysis using cash flow at risk matrix
— Timescales and project resources

• Workshop Two – What are the takeaways that could make your part of the FSC
more efficient and effective?

• Develop the Core Support or Diversionary approach to reduce DSO. The team to include at least one member from each part of the FSC namely sales, purchasing, operations, finance, treasury, HR, Business process working capital team.

• Establish the strategic outcomes

• Action plans

Target Audience

IFRS Course Delivery

Accountants and treasurers at all levels – directors, senior managers, heads of finance – plus project/programme managers, credit control, sales and purchase ledger staff, buyers and sales professionals.

The course will be valuable to anyone responsible for managing any part of the financial supply chain, cash flow forecasting or experiencing liquidity gaps and/or cash flow risks.

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