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Cultural Awareness In-house
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Working in an international context is challenging. Even though it is stimulating and rewarding, there are potential difficulties when people from different cultures misunderstand each other.

This practical, interactive, one- day workshop identifies the keys to understanding other cultural perspectives, and will enable delegates to be more effective when working with their finance and non-finance partners from different countries.

Working across Cultures Workshop Objectives

By the end of this one- day seminar, delegates will:

• Understand what motivates their international partners, colleagues and suppliers
• Understand how and when they need to modify their business behaviour to create a positive impression, and avoid unintentional offence with their International partners
• Be able to use a range of techniques for effective cross- cultural communication with their finance and non-finance international partners
• Have a toolbox of practical tips that will be immediately useful in their next encounter with their International partners.

The Content of the Working across Cultures Workshop

Know Yourself:
• How has your culture shaped your values and behaviour?
• What is “normal” behaviour?
• Why we behave in the way we do – an introduction to cultural awareness.
working across different cultures in a finance role
Know them:
• The Five Keys to Culture
• The attitudes and background that influence the behaviour we see.
• What is ‘normal’ for your partner from a different culture?
• What questions should you ask before you do business with a different culture?

Know How They See You:
• What image or expectations do other cultures have of yours?
• What positive or negative stereotypes do they have of you?
• Being aware of sensitivities your international partners may have.
• How can you capitalise on the positive, and modify your behaviour to overcome any negative or stereotypical views?

Know How to Communicate with Other Cultures:
• How should you communicate with your international business partners in order to avoid misunderstandings?
• How explicit or implicit will their communication be?
• What images and examples will work for your international partners?
• How can you build relationships by using the right style?
• How can you adapt your style to allow you to communicate successfully with them?
global finance needs awareness of different cultures
Using English Internationally:
• Native Speakers – Adapting your English so that non-native speakers will understand and trust you. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple); avoiding complex idioms and colloquialisms; using commonly used language; pace and rhythm.
• Non-native Speakers – controlling native speakers so that they use commonly used language; ensuring they speak slowly and clearly and give you time to respond.

Delegates discuss examples of cross-cultural situations:
• Business: functional or personal? Breaking the ice, and developing the relationship; handling social situations; humour.
• Meetings: handling agendas; time keeping; chairing; getting agreement; reaching consensus.
• Presenting your case: How formal or informal? Persuading; motivating; structuring your arguments; keeping their attention; handling objections.

The Delivery Style of the Workshop

The workshop will be highly interactive, practical and fun and tailored to the delegates’ needs. Delegates are encouraged to share their experience and explore solutions together through discussion, expert briefing, case studies, dialogues and feedback. They will learn and practise new cultural skills that they can apply immediately in their next international contact.

In-house Working across Cultures Workshop

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Our training can be held within your office or an external venue of your choice.

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