Employment Law Introduction for Finance Professionals

in-house CPD training course

In-house Introduction to Employment Law Training Course

• For finance professionals with responsibility for staff
• Finance managers or Finance Directors with responsibility for HR and/or Employment Law issues within the workplace
Employment Law Introduction for Finance Professionals Online CPD Training Course

Introduction to Employment Law Course Content

training in law for finance professionals
Finance managers need to ensure employer compliance with employment law from recruitment to dismissal. This practical course provides an overview of the key employment issues within the workplace.

Managers will be trained to:

• Identify these issues
• Understand their role and responsibility on behalf of their employer
• Understand the role of HR within their workplace and when to seek advice
• Refer to and then correctly apply company policies and procedures within the Staff Handbook
• Understand what employment tribunals expect of employers
• Understand the consequences of employment mistakes

This is an interactive and practical course, designed to highlight and incorporate the client’s own policies and procedures.

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Tailoring Employment Law Training

All our employment/HR legal training is tailored to each client.

At the design stage we will meet with you (in confidence) to discuss:

• Background information/common issues
• Problems faced
• Employment policies and procedures
• Additional learning objectives

We will use this information to create the bespoke interactive training exercises (eg. case study scenarios, quizzes, group discussion).

Topics covered in this training will include:

• Recruitment
• Contracts of Employment – making and changing
• Equal Opportunities/Diversity / Bullying & Harassment
• Discipline, Managing Performance & Absence
• Family Friendly Rights
• Dismissal and Settlement

Why do finance professionals need to be trained in Employment Law?

Importance of law to financial training
Managers are promoted for their technical skills but they also need experience in people management skills.

Managers are the employer’s representative – their lack of compliance will make the employer, and potentially themselves, liable in employment law.

Employment Law Training for Finance Managers will reduce the risks of costly mistakes. Costly mistakes means damages; wasted management time and affects an employer’s corporate reputation. Prevention is always better than a cure.

From a compliance perspective, employment law training to staff in the application of Equal Opportunities Policy/Harassment policies, assists an employer’s defence against a discrimination claim. Mandatory equal opportunities training ensures that the manager knows how to behave in the workplace.

Aside from compliance, employment law training is an excellent internal marketing opportunity.

The employer has the opportunity to communicate in a less formal atmosphere:
• Its values
• Its expectations
• The objective framework for performance and career growth
• Its strategy (both short and long term)

Employment Law Training also positively raises the profile of the employer’s HR team – employees will know:
• When
• Where
• To whom they need to go for assistance

Employees therefore have clarity and security that their employer genuinely abides by its policies and procedures.

It also makes for a happier working environment!

Our Managing Equality & Diversity Course Delivery

Managing Equality & Diversity Course Delivery

We take an open friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning finance. We believe that people learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves. We make finance interesting for you.

We love questions and welcome as many as possible.

We encourage an open atmosphere which in our experience accelerates the learning process.We always use lots of exercises, case studies and real life examples in our training as we believe this really helps our clients to understand concepts.

We find that people only really learn when they test their understanding through practice. We offer traditional training, facilitation, interactive simulations, coaching and online training.


Tailored Managing Equality & Diversity Courses

All our courses are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. We like to spend time getting to know our clients as we strongly believe that training is most effective and valuable when tailored and focused.

We take an open friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning finance. We believe that people learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves. We make finance interesting for you.


In-house Managing Equality & Diversity Training

In-house Managing Equality & Diversity Training
Our training can be held within your office or an external venue of your choice.

We can also secure venues on your behalf through our venue sourcing agency.

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