Remote options for receiving in-house training

The Coronavirus will impact how we receive training

Coronavirus CV 19 impacts our daily lifeThe reality of Covid 19 means that we need to re-think
how we receive training.

There’s no doubt that learning and development is still essential.

Many businesses will have underutilised staff on their payroll.

Now is the ideal time to upskill the workforce in preparation for the future.

Training also has the added benefit of motivating the workforce and providing a focus for the mind.

The office is out of bounds for training

No more face-to-face training in the officeWe need to find alternatives to face-to-face training
With social distancing in operation and many workers at home, the old reality of face-to-face training needs to be re-thought.

We need to explore new alternatives and understand what will be the new normal in relation to training.

The power of technology

Using the power of in the internet to deliver trainingThankfully, we have the power of technology to help us.

The workplace is virtually connected and we have many tools we can utilise to our advantage.

There are technology solutions from webinars to virtual training rooms to online whiteboards, which can be used to deliver in-house training remotely.



How online training can be used for in-house courses

In-house training via webinar
We can deliver interactive in-house training remotely online.

There are many robust online platforms which can be successfully used to deliver training and replicate as much as possible a face-to-face envrionment.

It is, of course, important to utilise this technology effectively. It is easy for the inexperienced presenter to get it wrong.
At Financial Fluency we have many years of practical experience using online training room technology to deliver in-house tailored training course.

We know how to make online courses interactive and include participants in the experience. It is so important to properly engage learners and involve them in the learning process, when delivering training online.

If you would like to talk about how we can deliver our in-house training courses online and see a demonstration, please do contact us.


As well as offering inhouse remote courses, we also offer a number of off-the-shelf online e-learning courses which still utilise a degree of interactivity.

View our full list of remote learning courses at