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Remote options for receiving in-house training

The Coronavirus will impact how we receive training The reality of Covid 19 means that we need to re-think how we receive training. There’s no doubt that learning and development is still essential. Many businesses will have underutilised staff on their payroll. Now is the ideal time to upskill the workforce in preparation for the […]

Spreadsheet (Excel) Skills for Finance | Online

Coronavirus pandemic and remote learning

The impact of the Coronavirus The Covid 19 virus having a huge impact on our working lives. For some organisations it is BAU (business as usual), however, for many organisations their business has fundamentally changed. Many people now have an unprecedented amount of time on their hands.     Working at home As self-isolation kicks […]

ACCA CPD Training Courses

CPD Year End Courses for ACCA Complete your ACCA CPD now whilst there is still plenty of time The 2021 CPD year end is in .   Are you looking for verifiable CPD hours to top up or make your allocation? We can help with your CPD requirements We have reasonably priced CPD courses available […]

The global spread of e-learning

Our online courses are accessed from around the world Financial Fluency are delighted to welcome our online learning customers from over 30 countries around the world. Accessibility of online learning The above map of the world demonstrates the power of online learning to increase accessibility to CPD for many people around the globe. Many of […]

What is “Market Analysis”?

Market analysis is not just about the application of analytical techniques to reams of data. So often people say ‘we need more data’, when there is no more available. Anyone who has the job of putting budgets and business plans together knows the importance of the market section but market analysis is about more than […]

Are accountants socially responsible?

The debate over the ‘Social Responsibility’ of corporations (or corporate social responsibility AKA CSR) has been raging for some time, most recently focusing on how enterprises align their economic considerations with social and environmental ones. Financial Fluency’s new online CPD course: Corporate Social Responsibility for Finance Professionals including accountants, looks at the responsibilities of businesses […]

The switch from local accounting standards to IFRS

Is this is end of local accounting standards The Internationalisation of Accounting Standards The UK’s Accounting Standards Board is proposing that in the next few years some UK companies and other reporting entities will be required to, or have the option to, move to a more IFRS-based financial reporting framework. The current situation in relation […]

Ethics & Professionalism in Finance

Trust, transparency, ethics and corporate social responsibility • The Enron scandal • BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill • MPs expenses • Wiki Leaks • The list continues to grow…….. Issues of trust, transparency, ethics and corporate social responsibility have never been so high on the organisational agenda. Yet recognising ethical issues and taking appropriate and […]

Online Learning 2.0

Our online courses utilise learning 2.0 What is learning 2.0? Learning 2.0 is the concept of web 2.0 (information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design collaboration) applied to learning. Collaborative learning We have fine tuned our approach to collaborative learning and enhanced the features of our online courses so that we now have more powerful learning tools […]