Ethics & Professionalism in Finance

Online training course on Professionalism and Ethics in the workplace for Accountants

Trust, transparency, ethics and corporate social responsibility

• The Enron scandal

• BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill

• MPs expenses

• Wiki Leaks

• The list continues to grow……..

Issues of trust, transparency, ethics and corporate social responsibility have never been so high on the organisational agenda.

Yet recognising ethical issues and taking appropriate and effective decisions isn’t easy.

Spanning both home and personal worlds, and never black and white, the management of ethical dilemmas is a challenging situations for all professionals.

To help you consider some of these dilemmas we have launched a new online course called “Professionalism and Ethics for Finance Professionals”.

This e-learning course helps you discover the challenges and rewards of behaving ethically in the workplace, consider your own moral values and explore perspectives that will challenge your views.

The course is designed to interactive and there are opportunities to add your own thoughts and comments as well as view those of others.

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