Online Learning 2.0

Our online courses utilise learning 2.0

What is learning 2.0?

Learning 2.0 is the concept of web 2.0 (information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design collaboration) applied to learning.

Collaborative learning

We have fine tuned our approach to collaborative learning and enhanced the features of our online courses so that we now have more powerful learning tools within our e-learning courses.

Engaging and motivating learning

Our online courses are designed to stimulate intelligent debate and dialogue.

We believe that learning works best when it engages and motivates people and that learning 2.0 offers the perfect opportunity to implement social tools which encourage this engagement and motivation.

Learning 2.0 features

Throughout our online courses you will find the following features:

Online course user contributions

On every page, if desired, you can contribute your professional experience and opinions.

Other people can read, reflect on and respond to your contributions, creating a learning experience that is different and interactive for every user.

The functionality also allows learners to rate each other’s contributions.

view other learner's answers within each online course
We know that professionals like to learn from each other as much as they do from the expert, so once you’ve submitted your answer to a question you are able to view other learners’ responses as well as expert opinion from the author.

Seeing different learners’ perspectives and opinions will broaden your thinking and generate new ideas.

You might even change your opinion or perhaps learn something new.

Add your own personal notes to each online course
Throughout your course you are able to take notes to assist in your learning.

These notes are for your eyes only.

Try out our learning 2.0 features

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