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Accounting and Auditing Pension Schemes

Occupational pension schemes in the news The death of defined benefit pension schemes Occupational pension schemes are rarely far from the news. From large scale frauds, such as with Robert Maxwell and the Mirror Group Scheme, to large corporate collapses with the resulting impact on pensioners, as with Rover Group, to the current unrest over […]

An amazing excel shortcut!

Control + [ • Do you ever want to find the source of a formula and see where it links to? • Is it hard to follow cell references such as =Sheet2!B7? Within a cell containing a reference to another cell – simply hold down the control key and at then press the square open […]

What’s wrong with business plans?

Poor business plans There are many examples of poor business plans. An ineffective business plan can undermine even the most inspired proposals Good business plans A good business plan can ensure your great idea gets the backing it deserves Writing a Business Plan, by Chris Bruce, takes a practical approach to how to write a […]

What is “Market Analysis”?

Market analysis is not just about the application of analytical techniques to reams of data. So often people say ‘we need more data’, when there is no more available. Anyone who has the job of putting budgets and business plans together knows the importance of the market section but market analysis is about more than […]

Are accountants socially responsible?

The debate over the ‘Social Responsibility’ of corporations (or corporate social responsibility AKA CSR) has been raging for some time, most recently focusing on how enterprises align their economic considerations with social and environmental ones. Financial Fluency’s new online CPD course: Corporate Social Responsibility for Finance Professionals including accountants, looks at the responsibilities of businesses […]

Another Bad Accountant Joke

I received an email today with this headline and I couldn’t resist opening it! Here’s the apparent joke: The Four Immutable Laws of Accounting: – Trial balances don’t. – Bank reconciliations never do. – Working Capital doesn’t. – Return on Investments never will. I can see why they call it “bad”. It was a US […]

How to make money during the recession.

Interesting questions to ask during a recession 1 What Exactly is a Recession? 2 Could It Turn into a Depression? 3 What Happened Last Time There Was a Recession? 4 How Recessions Affect an Economy 5 A Final Bit of Economics: Income Elasticities 6 How Safe is Your Business? 7 Tracking Trend 8 Recession Dynamics […]

Pensions in the news (Part 3)

Pensions in the news… This is the third in a series of three articles about Pensions in the news. You can read our first article on Pensions here and our second article on Pensions here The pensions tax system’s radical overhaul A radical overhaul of the pensions tax system came into force on 6th April […]

Pensions in the news (Part 2)

Pensions in the news This is the second in a series of three articles about Pensions in the news. You can read our first article on Pensions here No more tax credits on dividend income! In 1997 the then Chancellor Gordon Brown removed reportedly £5bn a year out of millions of pensioner’s funds by stripping […]

Pensions – never in the news to never out of it!

Pensions in the news This is the first in a series of three articles about Pensions in the news. Defined Benefit Schemes Around thirty years ago the pensions world was relatively simple and rarely made the news. There was a state scheme in place and many people additionally were members of Defined Benefit (DB) occupational […]