Financial Reporting for Non-finance Professionals

Can you tell the health of a company from its bottom line profit?

Discover the financial health of a company

The true health of a company cannot be ascertained from its bottom line alone. The real story can be discovered within the detail of its financial statements and by ‘making the numbers talk’.

To the untrained eye – balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements can be confusing in their own right.

Understanding how these statements interact, how they reflect the underlying business and how they can be distorted to show different results is essential training for non-finance professionals.

Finance for non-finance training

Through a combination of practical exercises and engaging instruction, our finance event will introduce you to the fundamental accounting concepts and terminology, which underpins financial reporting.

The course is interactive with opportunity for questions and discussion.

The course will help you to begin your journey of understanding financial reporting in practice.

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