Financial Awareness Training for Non-finance

Open public CPD training course
Financial reporting for non-finance professionals

• Are you a non-finance professional or non-finance manager?
• Do you need an awareness of financial matters?
• Confused by the financial terminology used by accountants?
• Need to communicate confidently on financial matters?
• Want to understand what the accountants are up to?

We can help you understand finance using simple and interesting training techniques.

If you need an introduction to finance, general financial awareness or to enhance your existing financial understanding you have come to right place.

Whether you are an office junior, a trainee, a manager, senior manager, director or even chief executive, you will find our course useful.

Financial awareness course outline

A full-day course exploring the fundamentals of financial reporting

This course introduces delegates to the fundamental accounting concepts and terminology which underpin financial reporting, and helps them to begin their journey towards understanding financial reporting in practice.

The event looks at demystifying balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements, and establishes how these different statements interact, how they reflect the underlying business and how they can be distorted to show different results.
Accounting jargon and terminology is covered on the course

Financial awareness course highlights

• Making sense of accounting jargon
• Understanding balance sheets
• Understanding profit and loss accounts
• Understanding cash flow statements
• An overview of accounting regulation and law, including auditing
• An introduction to financial reporting in practice

What will you get out of it?

• An opportunity to explore the fundamentals of financial reporting
• An introduction to some fundamental accounting concepts and terminology
• Gain an understanding of who uses financial statements and why?

Who is the financial awareness course for?

Anyone who wants to wants to learn the basic principles behind interpreting financial reports.

Finance for non-finance course content

We cover a number of areas relevant to those wishing to learn about financial reporting:

• Making sense of accounting jargon

• The problems of ‘cash accounting’ and why timing is essential in accounting

• Understanding balance sheets Finance for non Finance Course Content

• Understanding profit and loss accounts

• Understanding cash flow statements

• Who uses financial statements and why?

• An overview of accounting regulation and law, including auditing

• An introduction to financial reporting in practice

• Measuring the performance of a business

• Return on investment

• Short term solvency and liquidity

• Long term solvency and gearing

• Investor ratios

• How to read financial statements

• Understand what constitutes success

• The drawbacks of ratio analysis and other alternatives

Our training style for financial awareness training

• We take an open friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning finance. interactive training
• Our aim is to make finance interesting for you as people learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves.
• We encourage as many questions as possible and create an open atmosphere
to personalise the experience.
• We want you to ask the questions about finance
that you’ve always wanted to ask.
• We’re not constrained by the course outline and welcome all questions.

In-house finance for non-finance training options

For several delegates from the same organisation you may be interested in our in-house training options.

We can travel to your location and tailor the course to your specific needs. Please see the following webpage for more information.

Delegate feedback for our financial awareness courses

Excellent course, presenter was enthusiastic , energetic and knew his content very well. Very inspiring and useful course.
One of the best courses I have attended
very useful engaging course. I'll be able to take a lot from today and use it personally and professionally

clarification on things not confident on invaluable to personnel finance or not
impressed style teaching examples regularly help bring theory real world
explanation of anything we did not thoroughly understand

passion to teach us
interaction on discussing solutions to the financial and management process
i found the course very enjoyable

excellent simplified terminology distinction mark up and margin
excellent venue ideal course very good great experience
instructive made a difficult course enjoyable

I would recommend to others

Course fee

• Training course in Listed Central London (W1B) venue, close to Farringdon.
• Including refreshments, pastries, lunch and colour course notes.
• Places limited to ensure participant interaction and ability to ask question.
• Price £750 (excl VAT).

Please note places are limited to ensure interactivity so please book now to avoid disappointment

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