Investment Appraisal – Practicalities

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Capital/Project Investment Appraisal – Practicalities

Investment appraisal course objectives
Making the right project appraisal or capital expenditure decision is essential, given most organisations’ limited availability of capital and other resources.

There are a number of best practice techniques, which can be easily implemented, to help organisations evaluate opportunities, select the ideal option and avoid expensive mistakes.

Investment appraisal course objectives

• Demonstrate the importance of going back to basics
– when undertaking advanced investment appraisal.
• Provide an awareness of the practical issues of capital expenditure and project appraisal decisions.
• Ultimately, help organisations deliver better quality investment decisions.

Investment appraisal course content

Investment Appraisal Course Content
• Essential investment appraisal techniques,
– including discounted cash flows.
• Building, using or evaluating investment appraisal models.
• Balancing the risk and return of potential investments.
• Tips on performing investment appraisal in practice.
• It’s not just about the numbers
– accounting for qualitative factors.
• Investment appraisal in the context of a business case/plan.

Key benefits of attending our investment appraisal course

share investment appraisal experiences
• A discursive and interactive approach.
• Opportunities to share investment appraisal experiences.
• Use of case studies and exercises to stimulate discussion.
• Ideas you can use immediately.

Who should attend?

• Project managers involved in investment decisions.
• Those responsible for capital expenditure decisions.
• Accountants needing a refresher of established techniques.
• Those who have inherited an investment appraisal
– spreadsheet model and need an understanding of the basics to help understand the model.

Investment appraisal course fee

• Training course at a Central London venue.
• Waiting list is now open for our next course.
• Including comprehensive colour course manual.
• Including lunch.
• Places limited to ensure participant interaction and ability to ask questions, so please add your name to our waiting list now to avoid disappointment.
• Price = £750 (excl VAT)

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