The skill of business writing

Business writing is a professional skill that requires careful planning as well as practice.

Business CommentariesThe skill of business writing training course

Business commentaries should be:

• Focused around the needs and requirements of the user(s)

• Appropriate in breadth and depth – anticipating the “so what” questions

• Prioritised on ‘big issues’ that will likely be of most relevance

• Concise in style yet precise in language

• Commercially focused i.e. add value

Mastering ‘The 3 Cs’

The skills of business writing can be summarised by focusing on the 3Cs

  • Clear appreciation of the addressee (product head/senior manager/executive)

  • Communication style most appropriate to the audience

  • Command of the subject matter (business drivers, competition, economic environment)
  • In-house training in business writing skills

    Financial Fluency has developed a focused course on business writing which can be tailored to your organisation.

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