Managing working capital including cash

Managing cash flow is essential in the current economic climate
In the current economic climate 3 things are essential for the health of a business:

Cash flow optimisation e-learning course• cash,

• cash,

• and cash

It is essential that businesses tightly manage their supply chains, review commercial terms, discount structures and payment scenarios.

Where applicable it is imperative to minimise work in progress and monitor and analyse stock levels.

Managing the demand chain as well as supply chain will help to maximise cash flow.

In the modern financial world it is vital to appreciate the complex relationships between any organisation’s many functions. These relationships need to be understood right from when strategies are “rolled out” regarding cash flow through to when cash is actually received or paid.

Our course on Working Capital Optimisation and Cash Flow Management looks at how Working Capital Optimisation and Cash Flow Management works through supply and reverse supply chains, inventory, and demand chain transformation.