Forensic accounting is a hot topic!

Forensic Accounting Course

Why Forensic accounting?

A quick google search showed around 1,730,000 results.

Over 220 people on linkedin use it as a specific job title.

There are double digit job vacancies for forensic accounting on both Reed and Monster recruitment websites – even when other jobs are scarce.

So what does a Forensic Accountant do?
Forensic accountants’ day to day work involves fraud investigations, damages assessments, valuations of businesses or curious entities and frequently involves legal proceedings. The forensic accountant could spend a week as the expert witness in a matrimonial dispute involving millions of pounds of marital assets, before spending the next valuing a football club.

Forensic accounting is extreme accounting because it requires accountants to apply existing skills but at a much more intense level. Some claim that although a large number of accountants claim expertise in the forensic accounting they are really just glorified auditors.

Forensic accounting requires traditional accounting skills as well as a good understanding of business psychology, the law, investigations and an ability to work collaboratively across disciplines.


Learn more about Forensic Accounting

Financial Fluency offers an online training course in Forensic Accounting which enables the learner to
• Understand the role of the forensic accountant
• Identify misconduct including fraud and money laundering
• Gain an understanding of how to prevent fraud
• Plan and conduct fraud investigations
• Develop an understanding of non-fraud work such valuations and asset tracing
• Understand the role of a forensic accountant as an expert witness

To find out more go to Financial Fluency’s online course in Forensic Accounting