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How we can help with the
CIMA Strategic Case Study

• Free tips and key exam hints on how to pass the case study
• Expert tuition videos
• A detailed analysis of the preseen case study
• Mock exams tailored to the latest preseen material
• Industry analysis on the latest case study preseen material
• Debates on the unseen with tutors and students
• A free TOPCIMA newletter

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    What you will receive free of charge:
    • A free strategic analysis of the latest CIMA Strategic Case Study Preseen
    • A completely free mini-mock exam tailored to the current CIMA Strategic Case Study.
    • Focused guidance with our CIMA Strategic Case Study newsletter.

    Optional paid resources available for CIMA Strategic Case Study

    • A full unique CIMA Strategic Case Study Course
    • Mock exams based around the latest CIMA preseen case study information
    • A tailored industry analysis pack containing 100 examples which you can use in the actual case study exam.
    • A detailed video analysis of the preseen so you can fully understand the preseen case study material.

    Optional personal coaching available for CIMA Strategic Case Study

    The online video coaching programme covers all aspects of understanding what it takes to pass the exam.

    1. Introduction to the CIMA Strategic Case Study exam
    • The format, key elements and issues people commonly have with the exam
    2. Common Problems – The Examiner’s View
    • The key problems faced as outlined by the examiners in the post exam guides
    • How to avoid these key traps
    3. Theory – How to use Theoretical Models to gain maximum marks in the minimum time
    • What are the key theoretical models to use and when should you use them?
    • How to maximise marks from theoretical models (in the minimum time!)
    • The best approach to writing your appendices in the exam
    4. Theory – Real life examples of theory sections
    • A review of a variety of examples of students theory sections from real scripts
    • Gives my view of both good and bad sections to help you to understand what you should be
    doing in your sections
    5. Prioritisation – A structured methodology to prioritisation and planning
    • The importance of a structured approach to prioritising issues
    • A detailed guide to my structured methodology – designed to focus your prioritisation of
    • issues, and keep the amount of time spent on the planning to a minimum
    6. Prioritisation – Applying the methodology
    • A detailed prioritisation exercise designed to get you applying the methodology
    • Detailed feedback on the exercise
    7. Prioritisation – the report
    • How to write the prioritisation section in the exam
    • The most common mistakes in this section and how to avoid them
    8. Analysis
    • The two key types of issues and why you need a different structure for each type
    • Detailed guidance on the structure you should use for each type of issue
    • Common problems with the analysis section and how to avoid them
    9. Diversity
    • Why do most students fail this criteria in my experience?
    • How to write industry examples that do score marks
    • A structured approach to your industry research
    10. Recommendations
    • Why is this often the worst section in many people’s report despite being the most
    • important?
    • A detailed guide on how to write recommendations sections
    11. Ethics
    • Common problems in the ethics issues
    • How to apply the four elements of the AAA ethics model of Values, Norms, Duty of Care and
    • End Consequences to analyse ethics issues in depth
    • The 2 key elements of ethics recommendations
    12. Part b
    • An outline of the different part b formats and how you should approach this section of the
    • exam
    • Specific guidance on the graphs you may have to prepare
    • How to write bullet points that score marks in this section
    13. Time management
    • Probably the most important video of them all! Why is that?
    • What timings should you use for each section in the exam?
    • How should you manage your time
    • How can you save time in the exam to complete on time
    • The importance of quantity and quality of answers
    14. Review of a Post Exam Guide
    • We look through a recent post exam guide to see some of the key points being made by
    • the examiner
    • Each of these points is used to reinforce key lessons to learn, and traps to avoid in writing
    • your scripts.
    15. Writing the report
    • The report format and structure
    • A review of each key report section
    • Linked back to all earlier sections

    Comprehensive notes on the CIMA Strategic Case Study

    Comprehensive supporting notes are provided as a pdf, to cover everything you need to know to approach and pass your case study exam. These notes are the distillation of all the key elements of the CIMA Learning system for this paper concentrating on this key things you need to know to pass.

    Interactive conference calls on CIMA Strategic Case Study Technique

    The conference calls are a chance to get interactive, and not only have your own questions answered but to hear what others are thinking and saying. These will cover:
    • Discussion of the pre-seen
    • Prioritisation – refocus on the methodology
    • Review of key learning from videos
    • Lessons learnt from mock exams I’ve marked
    • A chance to discuss and debate the issues in mocks
    • Question and answer sessions
    • Key problems found in the exam and how to overcome them
    • Industry knowledge share – together all participants will build up a bank of industry examples to use on exam day

    6 x CIMA Strategic Case Study Mock exams

    • 2 Mock exams
    • Includes detailed written debrief of possible solutions
    • Video based exam debriefs
    • 3 exams from Case Study Aide with commentary
    • Online access to the casestudyaide discussion pages relating to each exam to debate these and see other people’s comments

    3 x CIMA Strategic Case Study exams marked

    • Marking of 3 of the 5 available mocks
    • Marks broken down in detail so you can see
    how you scored marks
    • Review based on a 6 page analysis sheet, giving detailed personal feedback
    • Each script marked side by side so you can see areas where mistakes continue to be made
    • Honest, no holds barred feedback, aimed at helping you through the exam

    3 x personal coaching sessions on CIMA Strategic Case Study

    • Initial discussion to identify problems and discuss how to progress
    • Personal guided feedback on each of your marked scripts
    • Discussion, debate and honest feedback
    • For many – it’s this that makes all the difference between passing and failing

    Online Q & A + email support on CIMA Strategic Case Study

    • The online Q & A is a place for us to debate and discuss points
    • Ask any question you like
    • See answers to others questions
    • Respond to other’s questions to join the debate
    • E-mail contact is available where you want a more personal touch

    Real World Examples Report for CIMA Strategic Case Study

    • This a market research report that has been commissioned especially to support the CIMA Strategic Case Study exam.
    • Real World Examples Report gives you numerous quotable industry examples
    • Sectioned under appropriate sub-headings for ease of support and to relate to issues in the unseen. We have also made sure the examples cover a wide variety of industry issues, so that whatever comes up in the unseen you will have relevant industry knowledge to draw upon.
    • This report also contains industry information so as well as learning the examples you will get a feel for how the industry operates and who the key players are, allowing you to make more commercial/business recommendations on exam day.

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