Financial Entertainment

Having fun learning about finance

Can learning about finance be fun?

I believe the answer is yes!

There are many ways to make financial training fun and here are some examples:

Cashflow 101

cash flow training
Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad / Poor Dad fame has developed a board game called Cashflow 101 to reinforce the financial principles developed in his books.

The game takes players through two phases the “rat race” and the “Fast Track”.

It teaches how to effectively manage ones personal finances and how to complete personal financial statements.

There’s also an interactive cashflow game on his website and another website developed specifically for kids called Rich Kid Smart Kid.

Other Financial Board Games

board games to learn about finance
The classic board game of “Monopoly” is an excellent and fun way to learn about finance and there are a number of variations one can add to focus specifically on financial activities such as budgeting.

The company Education Interactive sells a number of games focused on numerical literacy. For example, the game “To Your Credit” teaches players about managing personal finances. Although these are more focused on kids they can also be used effectively in an adult environment.

Online interactive financial games

interactive financial games online
There are a number of online interactive games which focus on finance, for example the Rich Kid Smart Kid site mentioned above.

Another site worth looking at is Financial Entertainment which has a number of free financial education online games. There’s a great one which gets you to manage the almost ‘out of control’ finances of a celebrity and in the process learn about managing finance.

Business Games and Simulations

business simulations and games to learn about finance
On the more serious side of financial entertainment are business games and simulations. There are many different types of business simulations so of which use a board like a traditional board game, some using computer input and others which are purely online.

Business games and simulation use what’s commonly called ‘experiential learning’, which is learning by doing, or playing.

Financial Fluency & Financial Entertainment

We use some of the principles above in delivering our financial training course.

Read more about Financial Fluency Business Simulations and our Finance Training Games

Your experiences?

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