Continuing Professional Development

Why undertake professional development?

We all experience continual and rapid change in the way we work and learn. New technologies are continually developed and organisational structures are in a constant state of flux. We are continually presented new concepts that we need to absorb, learn and master.

Traditionally, people may have expected jobs for life. After a brief induction to an organisation any additional learning was seen as an optional extra.

Professional development or CPD (continuing professional development) is one of the keys to success in the modern knowledge society.

What is CPD

CPD can be defined as the systematic maintenance and improvement of knowledge, skills and competence – undertaken throughout a person’s working life.

The benefits of CPD

CPD is important for career development, acquiring new skills and also for self motivation. Professionals who undertake regular CPD are more fulfilled and confident in their organisational roles.

Watch this short video on the benefits of CPD produced by the ICPD.

Appropriate CPD

Effective learning should include a process of reflection:
• Where have I been
• Where am I now
• Where do I want and need to be
• How will I get there
• How will I know when I’ve arrived

A Personal Development Record (PDR) is advised to plan, record and demonstrate your CPD record.

Ultimately it is important to set personal goals and their measure how you achieve those goals

How to meet your CPD goals

There are a number of ways to meet your CPD goals. Some examples are listed below:
• Formal on-the-job training
• Reading trade publications
• Attending training courses
• Completing online learning
• One-on-one coaching with a mentor
• Delivering training to others

How Financial Fluency can help

Financial Fluency offers face-to-face training courses, a variety of online learning courses and also one-on-one coaching.

Financial Fluency is a corporate affiliate of the CPD institute

We are a corporate affiliate of the ICPD (Institute of Continuing Professional Development).