Confessions of a CPD Accountant

Our experience delivering CPD courses for accountants

We’ve delivered CPD courses for accountants for over 20 years and we’ve decided to share our experience of the typical delegates on CPD courses at this time of year.

Crowded CPD Course
For the last two months we’ve been in peak CPD season. Courses which have experienced low numbers all  year round are suddenly full to capacity in December. Some courses are standing room only.

One of the first questions we ask at the start of a CPD course is “Why are you here?” and “What are your learning objectives for this course” and what do you think is the  most common response ? Yes, that’s right “I’m here for CPD points”.

The reality

As a trainer  it’s really disheartening to hear that people are just attending courses for CPD points in December. After all CPD stands for “Continuing Professional Development“. Yet, we need to face the reality that:

Firstly – people need CPD points as part of their accounting institute’s CPD requirements (for example ACCA requires 21 verifiable CPD units); and

Secondly – there’s nothing like a deadline of 31st December to spur people into action!

The issue

Bored with traditional CPD courses Frustrated with traditional CPD courses

Those who attend traditional training courses just for CPD points can sometimes be bored as they are not necessarily interested in learning and developing, merely acquiring CPD hours.

So some courses (obviously not Financial Fluency’s courses!) are full of both bored and therefore frustrated accountants.

The solution

Happy with Financial Fluency Online CPD coursesOnline CPD courses offer a suitable solution to this issue.  There are a wide range of e-learning courses to choose from (at Financial Fluency we offer over 30 courses for example) so accountants can learn something which suits their needs rather then their point requirements.

Accountants do not have to travel to take online courses and therefore can avoid spending an unnecessary day away from the office. Online courses can be taken any time day or night. Even better – they do not have to be taken all at once. One of our beliefs is that people learn better in small doses and online courses can be taken in as small  a doses as needed, even 30 minutes a day, would be effective for some people.

Best of all is the price. Not even counting the abstraction and travel cost savings, the cost per CPD hour is far lower then that of a traditional CPD course.

So, why not try today? There are even free modules for you to try first.  You’ll find a full list of our courses at

The caveat

For those accountants who are geographically remote  – it can be difficult to attend a traditional CPD course and therefore online training can fulfil all of their CPD requirements. At the same time, we still believe in the value of traditional CPD courses and face-to-face discussion. Like a balanced diet online CPD is best used to top-up or complement  traditional training.

Financial Fluency Ltd, December 2010