Coronavirus pandemic and remote learning

The impact of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus CV 19 impacts our daily lifeThe Covid 19 virus having a huge impact on our working lives.

For some organisations it is BAU (business as usual), however, for many organisations their business has fundamentally changed.

Many people now have an unprecedented amount of time on their hands.



Working at home

Working at homeAs self-isolation kicks in we are all spending many hours at home.

Many people are used to working virtually at home, however, not at length.

Others may have never worked at home.

It is a challenging time for everyone.

The question is how to use the time productively, especially when typical workloads are lower due to the virus pandemic.


Using the time productively to learn new skills

Learning during the Coronavirus pandemic
One way to keep your mind active and use the time productively is to enhance your knowledge and upskill.

As long as we have internet access, we can access a plethora of virtual online courses.

Now is the ideal time to take that course or learn that new skills, that you may have had on the to-do list for sometime.

Use the opportunity to boost your CV and focus your mind.

Financial Fluency Online Courses

How to claim R&D tax credits online CPD courseAt Financial Fluency we offer over 150 online virtual learning training courses. You can access these from anywhere with an internet connection.


Our e-learning courses cover the following areas:
• Financial Awareness
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• Corporate Finance
• Financial Modelling
• Strategic Management
• Accountancy Practice Management
• Law for Finance Professionals
• Professional Development

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Wishing you all the best and hope that learning new skills can help you to remain positive.