Tax Publication Testimonials

“I am pleased to say that not only do I now have a good understanding of these issues but I am in a much better position to discuss this with our tax advisors and accountants and so achieve better results.

The guides are pitched at the right level so that it is possible to approach a new subject from fresh and yet achieve quite an advanced degree of understanding. As a result tax discussions are two way now and our decisions are all the better for it.

For years now I have taken tax to be a black box into which I could gain little usable knowledge and was entirely dependent upon advisors and accountants for information.

Tax books are either too complex or too simplistic and in comparison [your books] offers an inexpensive and invaluable alternative on a whole variety of tax issues.”
Clive Baker MBA, Group Company Secretary, Bobbys Foods PLC

“Not only are (the guides) well written and clearly illustrated, they also inject humour into what some might see as a rather dry subject. I have learnt an enormous amount and picked up many tax tips. Whilst one can take advice from individual accountants, these guides provide an informed base from which to ask the right questions and obtain a balanced viewpoint. Thank you also for your prompt attention to my order.”
Susan Owen

“Many thanks for sending me the tax guide so promptly this morning. I have had a very productive day thanks to yourself. Much appreciated. It was superbly written and has certainly given me food for thought. It has also cleared up some of the many questions that I have been pondering for quite some time and I will now action the pertinent points.”
Stuart Parker

“Excellent professional guides.”
Tom Entwistle, Editor,

“I had been looking for such material for a long time but it is the 1st time that I have come across such brilliant work. The explanations are very easy to understand and the worked examples are detailed and easy to follow. I would certainly recommend this guide to anybody.

I have also obtained some other tax guides from you and am excited as I know that what we get out from them will save us hundreds of pounds.
I would like to thank all in your company for producing such excellent material and I hope to be one of the 1st users of any new tax material that you produce in the future.”

Mr Jayprakash Sarania, Managing Director, W Smith (Durham) Ltd.

“Your products and service are excellent.”
Patrick Cameron, Reading, Berks

“…these guides are excellent. I have been looking for some time for something like this, but have mostly found books on running your own business, with four chapters devoted to choosing your logo, which was not what I was looking for. Thank you for brilliant information, set out very clearly.”
C Stephenson

“The guide provided a good general description of this tax. It details the areas in which careful planning can be used to minimize any liability. With this information I was able to ask very specific questions and this has enabled me to form a plan to eliminate this liability entirely.”
Dr Mark Hellyar

“Thank you for the books which I received. They are wonderful! Very well put together and easy to understand.”
Helen Howard

“Many thanks for the books. I found them highly informative and easy to read.”
A Cooke

“….easy to understand guides can help you through the maze”
THE TIMES, May 13 2006