Business Tax: Small Business Tax Saving Tactics

Small Business Tax Saving Tactics Book

By Carl Bayley ACA & Nick Braun PhD

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Business Tax Book for Small Businesses on Tax Saving Tactics

“This tax guide is a legitimate business expense and is tax deductible.
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Contents of Small Business Tax Saving Tactics

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – How Much Tax do Small Business Owners Pay?

PART 1 – Working from Home 
Chapter 3 – How to Claim a Big Home Office Tax Deduction
Chapter 4 – Part-time Business, Special Tax Rules

PART 2 – How Your Family Can Help You Save Tax 
Chapter 5 – How a Spouse or Partner Can Help You Save Tax
Chapter 6 – Many Business Owners Can Claim Tax Credits
Chapter 7 – Employing Children and Going into Business with Them

PART 3 – Employing People 
Chapter 8 – The Hidden Cost: Employer’s National Insurance
Chapter 9 – Pay Your Employees Tax-Free Benefits
Chapter 10 – Staff Entertaining Can Be Tax Free
Chapter 11 – Compulsory Employee Pensions: How to Lower the Cost

PART 4 – Business Travel, Subsistence and Entertainment
Chapter 12 – Travel Expenses: How to Claim a Bigger Deduction
Chapter 13 – Subsistence: How to Claim a Bigger Deduction
Chapter 14 – Entertainment Can Be Tax Deductible
Chapter 15 – Travel Abroad and Claim the Cost
Chapter 16 – Travelling Abroad with a Spouse or Partner

PART 5 – Investing in Your Business: Capital Allowances 
Chapter 17 – Capital Allowances: The Basics
Chapter 18 – Maximising Your Capital Allowances Claim
Chapter 19 – How to Claim a Cashback on Capital Spending

PART 6 – Leasing vs Buying Business Assets 
Chapter 20 – Hire Purchase: How to Maximise Your Tax Relief
Chapter 21 – Leasing Assets

PART 7 – Motoring Expenses
Chapter 22 – Capital Allowances – Cars
Chapter 23 – Motor Vehicle Running Costs
Chapter 24 – How to Increase Tax Relief on Motoring Costs
Chapter 25 – How to Save VAT on Your Motoring Costs
Chapter 26 – VAT on Fuel: How to Claim a Bigger Refund
Chapter 27 – Become a Van Man and Claim the Full Monty of Tax Reliefs
Chapter 28 – Cars: Lease or Buy?

PART 8 – Maximising Tax Relief on Borrowings
Chapter 29 – How to Maximise Your Interest Tax Deduction
Chapter 30 – How to Make Interest on Personal Loans Tax Deductible
Chapter 31 – The Tremendous Tax Benefits of Offset Mortgages

PART 9 – Business Property 
Chapter 32 – Business Premises: Rent or Buy?
Chapter 33 – Repairs Save More Tax than Improvements
Chapter 34 – Integral Features: Claiming Tax Relief on the Purchase Price
Chapter 35 – Loan Arrangement Fees

PART 10 – E-Commerce 
Chapter 36 – Websites, Domain Names and Other Internet Costs
Chapter 37 – Tax Saving Opportunities for Internet Businesses

PART 11 – Year-End Tax Planning & Pro-active Accounting  
Chapter 38 – Year-End Tax Planning Strategies
Chapter 39 – Change Your Accounting Date
Chapter 40 – Cost of Sales
Chapter 41 – Bad Debts
Chapter 42 – Accountants Make Mistakes

PART 12 – VAT 
Chapter 43 – VAT Basics
Chapter 44 – The VAT Flat Rate Scheme: Benefits & Drawbacks
Chapter 45 – The Correct Retail Scheme Could Save You Thousands

PART 13 – Capital Gains Tax 
Chapter 46 – Entrepreneurs’ Relief
Chapter 47 – How to Pay 10% Tax on Investment Property

PART 14 – Inheritance Tax 
Chapter 48 – Business Property Relief: Avoiding the Grave Robbers
Chapter 49 – How to Safeguard Your Business Property Relief

PART 15 – Using a Company to Save Tax 
Chapter 50 – Incorporate and Save Thousands in Tax
Chapter 51 – Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Company

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