Personal Tax: Pension Magic

How to Make the Taxman Pay for Your Retirement

By Nick Braun PhD

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Pension magic Book


“This book has unique tax saving information for EVERYONE: salary earners, business owners, landlords and non-working spouses.”
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“Pensions are very powerful tax shelters. They can deliver 42% to 135% more after-tax income than other investments. This book shows you how to maximise your tax savings.”
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Contents of Pension Magic

Part 1 The Amazing Pension Tax Reliefs 

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Tax Relief #1 Your Contributions
Chapter 3 Tax Relief #2 Tax-free Growth
Chapter 4 Putting the Two Tax Reliefs Together
Chapter 5 Taking Money Out
Chapter 6 Basic-Rate Taxpayers

Part 2 The New Pension Rules: Putting Money In

Chapter 7 Tax Relief on Contributions: The New Rules
Chapter 8 How to Maximise Your Higher-Rate Tax Relief
Chapter 9 How to Claim Higher-Rate Tax Relief
Chapter 10 Higher-Rate Relief: Here to Stay?

Part 3 The New Pension Rules: Taking Money 

Chapter 11 Introduction
Chapter 12 Flexible Drawdown
Chapter 13 Capped Drawdown
Chapter 14 Drawdown Pensions vs Annuities
Chapter 15 What Happens When You Die?

Part 4 Pensions vs ISAs

Chapter 16 Introduction
Chapter 17 Case Study: ISA vs Pension
Chapter 18 ISAs vs Pensions: Inheritance Tax Planning

Part 5 Postponing & Accelerating Pension Saving

Chapter 19 Basic-Rate Taxpayers: Should they Make Pension Contributions?
Chapter 20 Higher-Rate Taxpayers: Can They Put off Pension Saving?
Chapter 21 How to Protect Your Child Benefit
Chapter 22 Higher Income Earners

Part 6 Employees

Chapter 23 Auto-Enrolment: The Advent of Compulsory Pensions
Chapter 24 Free Cash from Employers

Part 7 Salary Sacrifice Pensions

Chapter 25 Introduction to Salary Sacrifice Pensions
Chapter 26 Income Tax & National Insurance: A Five Minute Primer
Chapter 27 Salary Sacrifice Case Study: Basic-Rate Taxpayer
Chapter 28 Salary Sacrifice Case Study: Higher-Rate Taxpayer
Chapter 29 Calculating How Much YOU Can Save
Chapter 30 How to Convince Your Employer
Chapter 31 Salary Sacrifice Drawbacks
Chapter 32 How to Implement a Salary Sacrifice Pension
Chapter 33 Future Changes to National Insurance

Part 8 Company Directors

Chapter 34 Introduction
Chapter 35 Salary or Dividend?
Chapter 36 Pension Contributions: You or the Company?

Part 9 The Self Employed & Property Investors

Chapter 37 Pension Planning for the Self Employed
Chapter 38 Pension Planning for Property Investors

Part 10 Family Pension Planning

Chapter 39 Couples: Who Should Make the Pension Contributions?
Chapter 40 Pensions for Children and Grandchildren

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