Finance Basics – Secrets

Finance Basics – Secrets by Stuart Warner

The finance basics understood by experts and successful professionals.

Learn the basics quickly with this quick and easy guide to the fundamentals of finance.

Over 17,000 copies shipped worldwide to date

Finance Basics – Secrets includes how to

• Read financial statements.
• Analyse a business’s performance
• Estimate a business’s market value,
• Make and increase profit
• Manage and improve cash flow.

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Synopsis of Finance Basics – Secrets

From students who are interested in business finance to chief executives who want know more – this book can help you get to grips with finance basics. You’ll even find it interesting and it can help you with your future business activities!

Many business people, professionals and senior executives, all of whom are experts and very confident in their field are sometimes less confident in finance. Quite often this is unfounded and can easily be overcome.

In the business world the ability to understand finance and communicate financially is essential.

Financial awareness is fundamental to business success.

5 out of 5 stars for Finance Basics by Stuart WarnerReally helpful and easy to understand
I have the Audio Book which is unabridged, and I believe I have learned more about finance in the 2+ hours of listening than I have done in years and I now feel more confident to return to what I have been doing with the basics in place. I am going to buy the book also as I need the written word too.
Buy a copy if you are finding it hard to get a good grasp of the fundamentals.
Review of finance basics bookHelicopter view of finance concepts
The book helps beginners to build a helicopter view about the finance concepts. The book very well organized that make it easy to read. It divides the concepts into small sections and cover it at a very high level.
It took me about 3 days to finish it. I recommend it for beginners, and those who want to build a mind map about the finance concepts.
5 out of 5 stars for Finance Basics by Stuart WarnerBasics of finance
Excellent book for beginner’s. It covers the basics of finance which gives you a good grasp of the basic terms.


Finance Basics – Secrets Chapters

1. Understand the financial consequences of running a business – Business owners, managers and employees need to have a basic level of financial awareness to help a business succeed.

2. Get to grips with accounting fundamentals – Make sure you know basic financial terminology and concepts. Be familiar with the main financial statements produced by a business.

3. Know what makes a profit – Profit is the raison d’être for most businesses. Knowing how to make and increase profit is one of the key ingredients for business success.

4. Manage the cash – “Profit is sanity but cash is reality”. Without cash a business cannot survive for long. Effective cash management will help a business to endure.

5. Prepare and use a budget – Many business’s invest considerable time in budgeting but few do it successfully. Some simple and practical tips can improve the process.

6. Evaluate opportunities financially – Business’s should use established techniques to help decide whether or not to commit time, resource and money on investment opportunities.

7. Measure business performance – A successful businesses can be judged by the size of its market value. Its performance can be measured by using financial ratios.

Finance Basics – Secrets Author

Stuart Warner BSc (Hons), ACA, NLP Practitioner

Stuart is a Chartered Accountant with two decades of experience in finance. He has spent a large proportion of this time training people for recognised professional qualifications and offering related development training to management and staff at all levels

Stuart is particularly motivated by helping people from non-finance backgrounds to understand financial matters. His success in this field encouraged him to write this book so he could help even more people get to grips with finance basics.

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