ICAEW Advanced Level Case Study (ACS)

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The ACS challenge

The Advanced Case Study is a real hurdle for many ICAEW students. Many students sail through Certificate Level, Professional Level and even CR and SBM without a hitch until they reach the case study. The ACS is a different beast to the other exams and requires a focused and dedicated approach to pass.

You can’t cram for the case study. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. Yes, knowledge is important, as always, however, it’s the application of knowledge which is key. The main reason that students fail the advanced case study, is rarely to do with knowledge.

The vast majority of the time it is about exam technique.

Exam technique for the ACS

Exam technique is the key to passing the ACS
Technique is key to passing the advanced case study. Right from the initial read, analysing requirements, planning, knowing how to use and apply the AI, through to structuring problems and solutions and they writing up using your judgement, there are so many opportunities to get it wrong!

Even those who are good at reading, planning and analysis can go wrong when it comes to their written style.

In fact, changing ones style and writing things differently can sometimes make the biggest difference to a students marks.

Professional Skills marks

Above all, exam technique is about focusing on the professional skills. It is amazing how many retake students who we have coached are unaware of the professional skills and how to apply them in practice!

– Assimilating and Using Information (AUI)
– Structuring problems and solutions (SPS)
– Applying judgement (AJ)
– Concluding, recommending and communicating (C&R)

Private tuition / exam coaching

We run regular one-to-one advanced case study sessions with ICAEW students. Most take place in North London on evenings and weekends. We also run Skype sessions for those who are unable to travel or who live out of town.

We have a tried a tested structured approach to ACS which includes lots of exam technique as well as mock exams which are closely reviewed with you.

We are not a college

Please note we are not an exam college! We do not seek at all to compete or replace the efforts of BPP, Kaplan, First Intuition, Training-by-Eos and others who do a sterling job in supporting students.

Instead we provide a small focused and personal service for those students who want and need one-to-one support and attention.

The majority of our students are retake students.

Success rate

Over the years we have developed a successful and systematic approach to passing the ICAEW advanced case study. Many of the students who we help have failed the ACS multiple times and many are on their final attempt.

The firms have also become stricter. Some now only allow a couple of attempts! So some students have in reality two attempts. We have helped many people in this situation before and understand the pressure faced.

Our approach is personal, relaxed and understanding.

Whilst we cannot guarantee a pass, as a lot is down to you and how much you take on board our guidance, we regularly achieve pass rates close to 100%, even with those who have failed multiple times.

The reason we do this is because we really enjoy helping students and really changing their lives for the better. This is how we make a difference. Our goals are aligned with yours.


Our hourly fee is charged at fair yet commercial rates. We offer a premium service to those who are willing to invest, in return for tailored, dedicated and focused guidance. If you are looking for standardised, low cost, commoditised tuition we advise you to look elsewhere.

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